Yazhou Events | Complete Event Registration Solution

What is Yazhou Events?

Yazhou Events | Complete Event Registration Solution

Yazhou Events is a complete Event Registration Solution that makes it easier for marketers to manage pre-event and walk-in registration. It allows efficient onsite check-in just by scanning guests’ unique QR codes, while keeping track of event attendance for post-event reporting. Yazhou Events also has an Admin Module wherein marketers can view guests’ data in real-time and can use those information to retarget them for upcoming events and property launches.

Why use Yazhou Events?

Pre-Event Registration

Quick and simple online booking during the Pre-Event Registration period on news.asiaproperty365.com 

Improve attendee satisfaction with efficient onsite check-in through QR Code scanning.

Track how many pre-registered guests actually attend the event and analyse event turnout behavior.

Walk-In Registration

Accommodate walk-in guests on actual event day through easy and hassle-free registration.

View and export real-time data of guests’ database and event attendance reports.

Get access to guests’ registered information and retarget them with Facebook ads for upcoming property launches.