Edmund Tie & Company: An Exemplary Singapore Real Estate Consulting Firm

August 23, 2018

The internationally-renowned Edmund Tie & Company is a Singapore real estate consulting firm that offers a complete service for all your property-related decision-making and management needs.  Formed by real estate experts and fresh talents, this locally formed consulting firm is now in the same playing field as other international firms.

Cut Above the Rest 

As a truly home-grown Asian company, Edmund Tie & Company is cut above the rest because of their knowledge and appreciation of cultural norms, local customs, and government policies. Exposure to these matters ensures well-rounded insights to help all clients prosper in the real estate markets in the area. It has established offices in Malaysia and Thailand aside from catering to its wide Chinese market in the Singapore real estate market.

At 23 years, Edmund Tie & Company has been delivering top-notch agency and professional services to the Singapore property market and overseas. Their agency services include:

  • Investment Advisory
  • Business Space & Retail
  • Auction & Sales
  • Residential Agency

Furthermore, Edmund Tie & Company holds firmly to its value for research. This ensures that clients always receive informed decisions. Their professional services include:

  • Research & Consulting
  • Valuation Advisory
  • Statutory Valuation & Property Tax Advisory
  • Property Management
  • Hospitality Management

Their research spans from Singapore economy to market research. To find out more about their research in 2018 Singapore economy outlook, click here.

Edmund Tie & Company has the expertise in both local and international scene, therefore making them a truly exemplary consulting firm.

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