Why should you invest in UK property now?

September 05, 2017

Asia One lists the United Kingdom as one of the top five countries where Singaporeans should invest in. Being one of the world’s largest economies, it’s really no wonder investing in the UK is a wise idea. But why else would you want to buy UK property now?

Why should you invest in UK property now? | Malaysia Property | Yazhou Property

UK property is currently more affordable

With UK’s exit from the European Union still fresh from everyone’s memories, there was a fear that Asian investors would also exit the property market. Fortunately, BBC reports that investors from Asia continue to flock the UK property market till today. The Telegraph also reported that “Asian firms spent more than ”£4bn on property in the capital in the first six months of 2017, according to Cushman & Wakefield”.

This might well be because the value of British pound has fallen against the US dollar. This means that it is currently 10% more affordable to buy at the one of the world’s top property markets for Asian investors.

Lack of rental real estate developments

The Guardian writes “Britain’s growing army of renters… will likely have fewer properties to choose from”. A report also says that there was a predicted backlog in private UK real estate rentals in 2016. These high rental demands can’t seem to be met because the house prices were increasing in the past years. So while the prices are more affordable today because of Brexit, you might want to get your property investments now because you can’t be sure if those prices will stay the same in the coming months.

Why should you invest in UK property now? | Malaysia Property | Yazhou Property

Increasing rental demands    

What investors would love about this property market is that the rental demands are high. Wisely investing in UK property would mean it would surely be taken up because there are lessees out there waiting for a good UK home.

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