The benefits of Australia’s newest lifestyle trend: Dual Living

January 10, 2018 Australia

Looking for a property as an investment in Australia? You should consider purchasing a dual key property and get into the latest trend of dual living! What is dual living and its benefits? Continue reading to find out!

The benefits of Dual Living in Australia | Australia Property | Yazhou Property

Australia’s new lifestyle trend: Dual Living

Dual key properties are built and designed to have the versatility of two homes in one roof, making it more affordable than duplex or multiple single properties. Owning this kind of property will give you the benefit of two rentals incomes and higher returns. Thinking of how to lease them separately? All you have to do is have it designed to have separate entrances and utilities. Since the property will be considered as a single property, purchase prices and fees will be lower.

There are several economic and social reasons for this trend. Most of those who are renting homes would like to have their ageing parents nearby without sacrificing the privacy and space. Since most retirement villages have high cost, most opt for a better alternative. This kind of living situation is also best for those working at home. They can have turn one side of the property their office to receive guests and employees there without disturbing their private life.

The Ease of a Single Property

Another benefit to dual living homes is that you will be able to save on the cost of maintaining them. One of the difficulties that investors face when holding onto an investment property is the increasing fees and rates that they have to pay each year. Dual living properties have a single freehold title, corporate fees for duplexes and apartments do not affect it. Property owners are also only liable for one set of council and water rates.

Dual Living Homes

1. Metricon 

The benefits of Dual Living in Australia | Australia Property | Yazhou Property

Photo Courtesy of Metricon

Metricon makes occupancy simplified with an end-to-end dual occupancy solution that reduces any risk associated with dual occupancy development. Possibilities and limitations can be found in every block; however, their DualOcc by Metricon Homes were designed in consultation with independent planners to ensure the best compliance to the local council planning regulations. This service will allow you to get assistance from one of their expert consultants to review your block and asses for different development solutions.

Metricon offers their investors security and peace of mind when purchasing a property. Buyers will have 25 years of structural guarantee on all home type. Designs are flexible to meet your designs and personal requirements. A vast range of homes that complies with council’s specific planning requirements. They also have an outstanding quality and exceptional value to their property.

2. OJ Pippin

The benefits of Dual Living in Australia | Australia Property | Yazhou Property

Photo courtesy of OJ Pippin

Brisbane Builder OJ Pippin Homes is a family owned residential builder based in Brisbane. They have over 50 years of management experience as an affordable builder of quality homes. If you are looking to build an investment property or to build your new home, the company strives to deliver the best solution for you at the most affordable price and in the timeliest manner.  They have an array of design options that will suit the block, location or site and importantly your budget and requirements.

3. Everyday Homes 

The benefits of Dual Living in Australia | Australia Property | Yazhou Property

Photo courtesy of Everyday Homes

Everyday Homes was established 40 years ago, in 1981. They originally focused on building house and land packages on the mid-north coast of NSW; this is when the reputation for high quality workmanship, integrity and value for money was established. The company is committed to provide their buyers quality property because they know how important it is as an investment.

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