Rental Property: Room Ideas That Make A Statement

August 30, 2019

A few little tweaks can spark joy to condo dwellers

First impression lasts, so make it count when a potential tenant enters the rental property. But before opening the doors and listing the apartment or condo for rent online, like on Asia Property 365 (AP365), check these simple ideas that will make your space stand out from the pack. 

Double storage space

Live Smart and Curate a Statement Rental Property
Floor-to-ceiling shelf in C Ekkamai | 30,000THB per month

Instead of buying multiple cabinets that will take much space, stack up items on a multi-layer storage rack. The shelf is not only functional but also a stylish piece that adds dimension in the rental property.

Live Smart and Curate a Statement Rental Property
Bed frame with built-in storage | 20,000THB per month

To maximise space in the bedroom, go for storage beds with pull-out drawers.

One room, different functions

Live Smart and Curate a Statement Rental Property
Wall-mounted bed in a 37 sq. m. condo unit | 55,000THB per month

Wall-mounted or pull-down furnishings are usually the solutions for small spaces. For example, the Murphy bed. Until now, the foldable wall bed is a popular choice among condo and apartment dwellers. This basic yet flexible furniture can be tucked away when not in use. It is the perfect fit to transform a bedroom into a workspace, lounge or walk-in closet. 

Even though this type of bed seems unconventional to others, it is more comfortable to sleep in with, unlike sofa beds. Given that Murphy bed still comes with a soft mattress.

Accentuate and add character

Live Smart and Curate a Statement Rental Property
Minimal one-bedroom unit with accent lighting | 38,000THB per month

Picking the right light matters, especially when it comes to brightness and colour. To give your rental property an extra oomph, install accent lighting to let areas and corners shine. 

The lighting also sets a different kind of ambience in the condo for rent.

Dreamy decor

Live Smart and Curate a Statement Rental Property
Upholstered headboard with chain-like details | 85,000THB per month

Get an instant room upgrade with a statement headboard. It can be either made with leather, velvet, wood or even glass, cut in different shapes which give an extra personality to the bed frame as well as the wall. 

Simple furnishings and adjustments give your rental property an edge. Revamp your apartment or condo for rent and list it on AP365. 

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