New Zealand Property: First-World Living At World’s Edge

September 21, 2017

New Zealand is a beautiful country located at the southwestern most part of the Pacific Ocean, close to Australia. It is interestingly the last habitable landmass to be settled in by humans, giving way to some unique and diverse topography. Despite being the world’s southernmost country, New Zealand is known to be a flourishing, high-income nation. Here’s more of why you should invest in New Zealand property now:

New Zealand Property: First-World Living At World’s Edge | New Zealand Property | Yazhou Property

NZ government encourages investments

As long as you have enough capital and you get the rightful visa approved for your business, the government has a wide array of investment options waiting for you. Moreover there are no capital gains tax for a long term New Zealand property investment. You also reportedly do not need to have residency to buy New Zealand property.

Great investment opportunities

New Zealand’s government provides many investment opportunities. It has been ranked as one of the world’s easiest countries to start a business in. You can simply go online and send requirements through the government’s online portals. Buying property in New Zealand as well as getting shares and bonds is also easy. However, it is encouraged that you go to a New Zealand real estate agent or lawyer for advice before you proceed with transactions.

It’s a high developed country

Most people think New Zealand is a developing country because of its small geography and because it is technically very far away from civilization. Nonetheless, NZ is considered to be first world country with a gross domestic product of USD 36, 254 in 2016.

New Zealand Property: First-World Living At World’s Edge | New Zealand Property | Yazhou Property

Safe and spacious environment

New Zealand was ranked as the safest native English country in the 2017 Global Peace Index. Imagine living in a country without the constant fear of crime! More than that, New Zealand has also been hailed as the world’s least corrupt country in 2017 alongside Denmark. Although, the country has already held this title for seven consecutive years since 2013, only falling in second place in 2014 and fourth place in 2015.

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