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May 29, 2019

Millennials are branded as ambitious, empowered, entitled, fearless, and tech-savvy. The list can go on as Generation Y are quite aggressive and confident.

In fact, millennials venture on business and stocks. At the same time, they do not only save their income for assets, but also for the experience economy. But do they try one’s luck on real estate?

According to CBRE’s research, out the of 5,000 respondents across Asia Pacific, 63% will stay at home with their parents. While the remaining 2/3 will settle for a rental property.

Who among them will fully commit in investment property?

Because of the economy and increasing prices, they are not that eager own a property. Despite of these factors, there are still those who look forward to getting their own unit.

For instance, Chinese and Indians perceive real estate as an opportunity. On the report of CBRE, the Chinese really do aim to have a property of their own. Same with the Indians who have the objective of buying or investing a property sooner or later.

Interior of a modern condominium unit with furnishings.
Interior of a modern condominium unit with furnishings.

What do millennials look for in a property?

Lately, a number of Generation Y Chinese investors are into Thailand property developments because of property recession in China. Property investors see the opportunity in Thailand because of its economic growth and tourism status.

Aside from market value and stability, they also consider the location. Millennials will most likely pick and choose a property for sale that is within or nearby their office since they value time.

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