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March 15, 2019

Do not do things that you do not want to experience from your neighbours.

Moving to a condominium is like a movie premiere. All eyes on you as the neighbours observe but do not take it personally. Understand that it is normal for another property owner to see who is new in the building, especially on your floor.

Condominium Etiquette: How To Avoid Conflict With Neighbours?

Each dweller has a responsibility. From keeping the cleanliness of common and shared spaces to maintaining a noise free environment. Take note, the beauty and order of one’s unit should radiate from the hallways. In other words, be nice to your fellow property owners. There are certain guidelines to help sustain a friendly atmosphere.

Condo living etiquette.

Going up or going down?

One basic practice is to not close the elevator when someone is rushing to catch the ride. Be patient because who knows, next time the person on the other side of the door is you. Another thing, if you are standing next to the buttons try to lend a hand and be the button pusher especially when the person is carrying too many bags.

Condominium Etiquette: How To Avoid Conflict With Neighbours?

Is it too loud?

Be sensitive about noise. In the event that you are hosting a party, at least keep it down past midnight.  If you are going to move a furniture or install a decoration, do it in the morning not at night.

Condominium Etiquette: How to avoid conflict with neighbours?

Throw it where?

The corridor is not an extension of the condominium unit but keeping your front door mess-free is a must. Items that are not needed should be disposed properly. Same if you are using or at the common areas. Know where the garbage chute or recycling bins are.

Condominium Etiquette: How to avoid conflict with neighbours?

To summaries, all of the other property owners, regardless of the floor number, are your neighbours. Be considerate and do what is best for the high-rise community.

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