Owners Guide: How to Elevate Your Rental Property

July 16, 2019

Whether you’re renting out a condo or an apartment, there are different ways to make your property steal the spotlight.

First, organize a feel-good, stylish and spacious unit. Tenants usually go for a rental property that looks cosy and well-furnished. Then, list your remarkable space on Asia Property 365 (AP365). An integrated platform wherein property owners can assign a real estate agent to look after the unit.

Never sacrifice a good living space

There are no perfect units, but a great rental property should never portray that some of the home furniture pieces are taken from a sale rack. Or worst, listing a for rent unit that looks uninviting.

Either you’re on a budget or simply wants to revamp their condo and apartment, here’s how to best furnish your space.

Get smart with space

A Guide to Furnishing Rental Property
Single bed with cabinets for extra storage.

Since you have no idea how many personal stuff will the tenant bring, invest in a furniture that is space-friendly. Besides, gone are the days when fancy decorative items are on the top of one’s list.

Now, the trend is all about multifunctional and compact pieces. From coffee tables, to cabinets, to sleeping beds, there are new ingenious creations that will make your place appealing.

Fill the dead space

A Guide to Furnishing Rental Property
Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets without doors.

Use every corner, even the awkward spaces in your rental property. Be imaginative and fill the gaps with a rack or convert it into a storage.

Pay attention to the walls too. In case the condo needs an extra lighting, wall lamps can be easily installed. Hanging shelves or art pieces will also make the walls less bare and certainly making every space count.

Settle with neutrals

A Guide to Furnishing Rental Property
Modern kitchen interior rendered in neutral colours.

Keeping a theme works, but there are cases that neutral palettes have more appeal. In fact, working with neutral colours allow you and the future tenants to decorate easily. This is because of the fact that neutral works for any design and makes everything in the room pop.

Final Thought

Interior design has a big impact on getting impressions. Potential tenants who will live in your rental property will settle for a space that has impressive and welcoming vibe. But this does not mean that an owner must spend a huge amount just to furnish the unit.

Furthermore, listing your space on a property website like AP365 will help promote your unit and reach more audience. The multilingual platform allows a better communication between owners and tenants with the assistance of real estate agents.

A Guide to Furnishing Rental Property
Integrated platform for property owners and real estate agents.

Add your Thailand property on AP365 and welcome expats into your perfectly curated and organized space at ease.

Want to know more about the integrated platform for property owners, tenants and real estate agents? Contact us or send a message on our official Facebook page and Instagram account.

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