Overseas Real Estate Renovation Tips: 7 Mistakes To Avoid

October 11, 2017

Getting an overseas real estate investment can be quite exciting! However home renovations can’t be avoided. You might love everything about your new house except for the kitchen or perhaps there is an unfinished garage in your new home. Whatever the issue may be, we’ve listed down a few renovation mistakes home buyers should avoid:

Underestimating the time needed for construction

Reconstructing a part of your Asia property requires wrecking the previous design, moving and prepping your furniture, or possibly finding a temporary home to stay in for the mean time. Whichever way, reconstruction is not an easy thing to do nor could it be hastened.

Make sure to plan out the construction timeline with your contractor. Give kind considerations and a leeway for probable setbacks like bad weather, material delivery delays, or even labor problems.

Overseas Real Estate Renovation Tips: 7 Mistakes To Avoid | Asia Property | Yazhou Property

Buying cheap materials for your overseas real estate

Always buy the highest quality of material that your budget allows, especially when it’s for foundational purposes like flooring and wall paint. Buying cheap materials can’t guarantee the materials’ durability and can cost you more in the long run.

Not buying extra materials

Buying extra materials for your overseas property investment is crucial. Unless you want your new kitchen or whichever room to look like a patchy mess when your floor starts cracking for no reason and you have to replace it with some other flooring. Furthermore, there are bound to be mistakes made during construction or installation. Make sure you have extra flooring, cabinets, handles, and rolls of wallpaper.

Overseas Real Estate Renovation Tips: 7 Mistakes To Avoid | Asia Property | Yazhou Property

Foregoing consulting a contractor or designer

When doing a major renovation on your Asia properties, always consult, if not hire, a contractor or a designer. Be meticulous in choosing them as well. Make sure the contractor or designer you consult has a good and trustworthy background.


Renovating your home can be a really fun experience especially if you have an eye for design. Just be careful, sometimes your dream design can go way over your budget or may not be applicable to your current home. Make sure to work with your designer while planning out your dream design.

Overseas Real Estate Renovation Tips: 7 Mistakes To Avoid | Asia Property | Yazhou Property

Going on a tight budget

It will, of course, cost a lot of money to buy overseas real estate. More so when there’s still renovation needed. If you’re on a really tight budget, maybe it’s not the right time to get a home renovation just yet. There will always be unforeseen additional construction costs like additional labour or when the contractor unexpectedly finds moulds in your flooring. Save up for an open budget before you start your home renovation.

Whimsical decisions

If you keep on changing your mind about the design, you’ll end up deeply unsatisfied. Make sure the design you pick is one that you can live with for a few years or so. A good tip would be to make the flooring, wall color and style neutral. Then you can change up the accessories according to what style you want.

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