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5 Best Pet-Friendly Condos for Rent in Bangkok

Sukhumvit is hands down one of the best places to stay in Bangkok with public transport like the Skytrain and…

December 12, 2019 Thailand

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Finding a Bangkok Condo for Rent? Here’s Where to Look

The colorful culture and warm hospitality in the city of Bangkok make it a popular destination for expatriates. In fact,…

July 05, 2019

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Bangkok Property: 3 Rental Units in Sukhumvit for the Go-Getter

Sukhumvit serves as a hub for the go-getters and the ambitious. This district in Bangkok showcases a lifestyle that doesn’t…

July 02, 2019 Thailand

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The LINE Phahonyothin Park - A Transcending Bangkok Property

Live a life that’s beyond imagination in The LINE Phahonyothin Park! This condominium complex transcends to one’s dream of city…

June 28, 2019 Thailand

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Thailand Property: How to Cease a High-Vacancy Rate?

As an owner, there is nothing more haunting than a high rental-vacancy rate. Good news is you can turn the…

June 27, 2019

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5 Ways to Tenant-Proof Your Bangkok Property

Tenants come and go, some leave your rental property good as new and some don’t. And we know the woes…

June 25, 2019 Thailand

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Thailand Property: Advice for Managing Multiple Rental Spaces

Diving into the rental property industry as an owner can be overwhelming, especially when you own multiple properties. Certainly, getting…

June 21, 2019 Thailand

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Things To Expect While Living As An Expat In A Bangkok Property

The city of Bangkok continues to set its mark in the real estate market as the number of expats grows.…

June 19, 2019 Thailand