Own a Thailand Property? Easy Steps to Rent Out Your Place at AP365

May 21, 2019

Own a Thailand Property? Easy Steps to Rent Out Your Place at AP365| Rent | Condominium

Need to up your game as a Thailand property owner? We know that managing papers, transactions, and negotiations for rental properties can be a full-time job, especially for overseas property owners. Provided that, AP365 – an online integrated rental property platform is created to answer all owners’ woes. AP365 will assist you to proactively promote, manage, and transact with agents and potential tenants in one online dashboard. If you think that sounds like a good strategy, learn how it works with 7 easy steps:

  1. Visit AP365 website and sign up

To start your rental property listing online, visit asiaproperty365.com and sign up as an owner. After successfully signing up you will receive an email to verify your account.

  1. Update your profile

Once you have verified your account, you may start updating your profile. A good rule of thumb to remember is to accomplish all the optional fields, as this will be included on the documents that will be generated.

  1. List your Thailand property

It is time to add your properties! Click on “Add Property”, enter the property name, and add descriptions. Properties like condominium, offices, and apartments are considered in the platform. We highly recommend to accomplish all optional fields as this will help you to get your property rented out, this will also be included in the documents that will be generated.

  1. Assign your preferred agent

You can see the agents’ profiles based on the city of your Thailand property. Once you’ve chosen the agent you prefer, they will get a notification and they can either accept, reject or negotiate your offer. When negotiation is settled, the agent can promote your property and you will get notified every time there’s a request for property viewing.

  1. Know your potential Tenants

You may also get insights into your potential tenants before property viewing. Tenants are also required to sign up in the platform, with that, you are able to check out their profiles.

  1. Negotiate

You will either receive a Memorandum of Understanding/Letter of Intent from the agent or the potential tenant once they’ve decided to rent out your property. You can choose to accept, reject or request a change. And if you accept, you or the agent can generate the Tenancy Agreement on the platform to be sent to the tenant.

  1. Let the platform do the job

If the tenant accepted the Tenancy Agreement, the system will notify the tenant for payment and generate invoices for the security deposit and the advance rental fee. Moreover, the system will automatically send notifications and generate monthly invoices to follow up payment.

AP365 is a platform that connects, property owners, agents, and tenants who are finding rental properties. With this, you can find the right Thailand property such as office and condo for rent in one dashboard!

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