Le Concorde: A Thailand Property To Perk Up Your Office Space

May 14, 2019 Thailand


Le Concorde: A Thailand Property To Perk Up your Office Space | Office Space | rental properties

Finding an office place for rent in Bangkok that has top-class amenities and has quick access to convenient establishments is quite a strenuous job. However, this rental office at Le Concorde is unlike any Thailand property that you’ve encountered while finding the next home for your company. Here is why this office will be the answer to your workplace hunting.

#1 The office has a sleek and luxurious office feel

The office is furnished with projectors, high-end leather sofas, and top quality wooden desks. The office space also accumulates vast natural light to improve the overall feel of your workplace. Moreover, the ambience of the Thailand property will make you feel like you’re inside of a 1950’s English movie.

#2 The building offers high-speed and convenient lifts

Most office building problem is the crowded lifts where you’ll have to wait for a couple of minutes before being able to ride one. Whereas in Le Concorde, you have the access to eight high-speed lifts to ensure that you and your employees will never again be late for work because of the long line for the lifts.

#3 The area has moderate traffic unlike other parts of Bangkok

Compared to most areas of Bangkok that are always jammed in traffic, the area that surrounds Le Concorde has light to moderate traffic. So, if one doesn’t have quick access to a train station they may opt for a bus or a car ride to go to work.

#4 Convenient access to MRT station

The property is situated near the Huai Khwang MRT Station which gives convenient access to other parts of the city. Also, the perk of having a walking distance from an MRT station gives more options for the everyday commute.

#5 The building ensures security and safety

This Bangkok property provides security for 24 hours and guarantees the safety of the company and its employees. And in case of fire, the office is built with a fire protection system that automatically sets when such incidents happen.

#6 Plenty of parking space

For most rental properties, you have to compromise a good working space without a proper parking space. But different from the usual, this 25 story Thailand property provides plenty of parking spaces for the number of employees in the building.

#7 Walking distance from essential establishments

Establishments like banks, malls, restaurants, and convenience stores are comfortably situated near Le Concorde. In case one needs to do a quick errand during breaks these places are just a few steps away from the office.

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