Fool-Proof Steps To Level Up As A Thailand Property Agent On AP365

May 28, 2019 Thailand

Fool-Proof Steps To Level Up As A Thailand Property Agent at AP365 | Rent | Condominium

With the ever-growing market of rental properties in the “Land Of Smiles”, more Thailand property agents are exploring new ways to stay on top of the competition. Be a trendsetter and start venturing out to the digital space with AP365, here are 7 steps to success.

  1. Visit AP365 website to sign up

To be a part of the growing numbers of Thailand property agents, you have to visit our website at Then, you may start signing up as an agent and wait for the email verification.

  1. Update your profile

You can now start updating your profile after verifying your email. Make sure that you fill in all the necessary and optional details, so more owners will be interested in inviting you as an agent for their Thailand property.

  1. Receive invites from owners

Your profile is the gateway to catching the attention of property owners. Owners will send you an invite if they are willing to offer you to promote their property for rent. You have the choice to accept, reject or negotiate their offer. And once you have accepted the owner’s offer, rental properties you’re assigned to such as office and condominium will show under “My Properties” section.

  1. Look for potential tenants

It is time to look for potential tenants! AP365 connects you with people who are looking for a rental home. You may ask permission from the owner to edit the description of the Thailand property if needed. Moreover, if you have clients outside AP365 you may refer them to sign up on the platform to request for property viewing.

  1. Assist with property viewing

After getting the tenants to sign up and accomplish their profiles, you may advise them to request property viewing with your custom link. This makes sure that the transaction will be linked under you, once it’s successfully finished.

  1. Wait for confirmation on both sides

When they decided to rent out the property, a Memorandum of Understanding/Letter of Intent will be sent out by you or the tenant to the owner. Wait for the owner to accept. At this stage, there might be some negotiations between the tenant and the owner. But once they’ve finished negotiating you can generate the Tenancy Agreement from the platform and send it over to the tenant. Also, invoices for deposit and advance rental fee will be created by the system based on the Tenancy Agreement.

  1. Get paid

The system will automatically generate an invoice for your commission fee and send out a notification to the owner, once the tenant had made the necessary payments to the owner.

AP365 is a platform that connects, property owners, agents, and tenants who are finding rental properties. With this, you can find the right Thailand property such as office and condo for rent in one dashboard!

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