Thailand Property: Why Purchase a Pre-Sale Condo?

June 14, 2019

Learn the benefits of purchasing a pre-sale Thailand Property on Yazhou Property.

Who can say no to a brand-new Thailand property? The latest projects in Thailand are top notch, grand and innovative. Also, the new high-rise real estate properties are relatively accessible.

If you have the means to purchase a pre-sale condominium, invest right away as there are perks to it.

Property is cheaper

The net cost of the pre-sale property is lower than the final property price. As the project develops, the fee also increases. In other words, purchasing a unit before the completion date can save you at least 5 to 10 percent of the original selling price.

In fact, special promotions and discounts are also given during the pre-sale period. Project developers tend to manage this type of marketing to ensure that units will be sold.

More units available

It is given that buyers and investors have different tastes. Some prefer to stay on a lower floor, while others choose to settle on a higher level. Buying a pre-sale condominium is an opportunity to score the best unit. Imagine getting the corner room or the unit with the best views?

Take note, there are more than a hundred units but unit types are numbered.

Usually low maintenance

Because of the fact that the Thailand property is new, the structure is in much better condition. Cracks, holes, leaks and fading walls are not yet on the list to fix.

In addition, building amenities are in great condition too.

Convenient payment system

Payment options are available during the pre-sale period. Property developers do provide a flexible payment scheme. Instead of giving lump sum payment, property investors can settle the balance in half or so.

While the idea of buying a property in the works is quite risky, buyers can still assure a smooth transaction due to the law and binding contract between parties. Not to mention the said perks of purchasing a pre-sale condominium.

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