Top three reasons to Invest on Australia Property

November 09, 2017 Australia

Australian property has been a popular Chinese overseas investment due to its beautiful natural environment, a stable political environment and a booming economic environment. Australia is ranked third in the Chinese overseas investment destination, following the United States and Canada. For seven consecutive years Melbourne was named the world’s most livable city. Melbourne real estate investment market has always been hot due to numerous reasons.

1.The social environment is outstanding

It is perfect for first time investors who are looking for a house to buy when migrating to Australia because the city is livable. The environment is very natural with its blue sky and white clouds and 40% of Melbourne is covered in greens. It may be difficult to find another place in the world like Melbourne taking into account the harmonious development of nature and the city. The city is not only naturally beautiful but it also has social stability.
Melbourne is harmonious and multicultural. The Economist has named Melbourne the world’s most livable city for seven consecutive years. At the same time, the presence of the University of Melbourne and Monash University also attracted a lot of Chinese families studying in Australia to purchase properties, further promoting the Melbourne property market.

Top three reasons to Invest on Australia Property | Australia Property | Yazhou Property

2. The steady development of the economy

Real estate demand continues to grow in Australia property. Australia has maintained an economic growth for 26 consecutive years. A good economic development momentum and lower immigration threshold has been attracting property investment buyers around the world. This made Australia maintain a stable population growth rate, supporting the Australian real estate development. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics data, in the past five years Melbourne had a population growth of 12.1% letting the population reach 4.485 million. On the other hand, Sydney’s population increased by 9.8% reaching to 4.823 million. If Melbourne maintains this growth rate after a few years, the population will be more than Sydney’s to become Australia’s largest city. In addition, the survey firm SQM Research survey shows that in August 2017 Melbourne housing vacancy rate of only 1.7%, and is expected to decline. At the same time, the Australian real estate rental rate of return is more than 5%, higher than Beijing, Shanghai and other cities about 2% of the rental rate of return; it is more suitable for real estate investment.

Top three reasons to Invest on Australia Property | Australia Property | Yazhou Property

3. Keep a permanent Australia property and no estate tax for the Chinese.

Another advantage of Australia property is that housing has permanent property rights that can be left to long-term investments to future generations and there is no inheritance tax. Australia’s real estate business has lawyers and intermediaries to ensure that investors have a grasp of the full and transparent information for the safety of their investment. Attractive Australian real estate market will lead to high-quality real estate projects out. Australia 108 is one of the most eye-catching one. Located on the south bank of Melbourne, close to Melbourne CBD, it brings together a number of specialty restaurants, art galleries and recreational facilities giving it a vibrant community on the Riverside.

Top three reasons to Invest on Australia Property | Australia Property | Yazhou Property

Photo Source: Australia 108

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