The State of Real Estate Market in Vietnam

April 12, 2019 Vietnam

Vietnam property market is booming and the country is becoming a popular site for upscale properties.  Because of stable currency, competitive labour cost, and smooth business transactions, this Southeast Asian country did attract more foreign investors over the years.

The State of Real Estate Market in Vietnam | Yazhou Property

Property hotspot

At the present time, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam is the frontier in luxury real estate market. A vibrant city that features billion dollar modern residential and commercial developments. Whereas Hanoi is the opposite since the property market is quiet. However, this comparison is based in investment purposes.

Property investors often go to Ho Chi Minh city since people in Hanoi prefer to own houses of their own. Prospect market in Ho Chi Minh perceive houses for rent. For this reason, property enthusiasts invest in the latter due to higher rental profit.

Money down on investment property in Ho Chi Minh

One of Asia’s fastest-growing city, Ho Chi Minh’s high-end condominium prices rose in 17% as of 2018. According to CBRE Group Inc., the average cost of a prime unit in the city is $5,518 per square metre. Since the market is performing well, the group also predicts that property value will increase by early 2020.

Given that Ho Chi Minh’s property market remain strong, property investors are urged to sign deals.

Take advantage of Vietnam’s growth

In conclusion, the country is flourishing and has favourable property regulations. Vietnam is not only a hit among tourists, but also the place to pour savings for investment.

Since Ho Chi Minh is the corporate hub of Vietnam, take note that Districts 1, 2, and 3 are the hip locations to check. Within these areas are empire establishments in the making.

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