Effective Ways to Market Your Rental Property

July 10, 2019

Back in the day, real estate owners simply put a “for rent” sign in front of their rental property. But now, a signage is not enough because of the growing competition.

A hit and popular strategy to market the place and to gain tenants is through online property platforms. In just a click, real estate owners can list and advertise their unit. Be it condo, apartment or house.

How to Market your Vacant Overseas Rental Property

Asia Property 365 also known as AP365 is an example of such integrated platform for rental property owners. It is more than a website because AP365 is a multilingual channel that can support overseas property owners. English, Thai, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are the main language options. Moreover, owners can easily find and choose a real estate agent to oversee the property. Not only to advertise the unit but also to handle and to communicate with the confirmed tenant. This way, owners can ensure that there will be renter for a month or so due to the smooth transaction between parties.

In addition to checking and listing through a rental website, here are other strategies to market rental properties.

How to Market your Vacant Overseas Rental Property

Establish online presence

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest allow owners to promote their place for free. Creating an impressive and engaging account will attract potential tenants to check the property. One way to do it is to publish high-quality and attractive photos of the property for rent.

How to Market your Vacant Overseas Rental Property

Check remarks and reviews

Encourage tenants to leave a review after their stay so that the next person who rents the property will have an overview. It is given that reviews cannot be filtered, in that case ensure that the rental property sparks joy and cosy.

How to Market your Vacant Overseas Rental Property

Identify the market

Just because the space is great does not mean that is ideal for everyone. Understand the neighbourhood and the tenants who are looking for a place to stay in that area. If majority of the renters are Japanese, Chinese or foreign expats make the space culture-friendly. It is equally important to determine their budget too.

These are just some of the effective marketing strategies to consider. If you are looking for a website to list your Thailand property for rent, sign up on AP365.

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About AP365

Asia Property 365 is an integrated multilingual rental platform. We provide smooth and convenient transaction between owners, tenants and real estate agents. AP365 is the home of your multiple properties since owners can manage it in a single dashboard.

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