Thailand Rental Properties: Common Rental Prices in Bangkok

January 28, 2019 Thailand

Thailand Rental Properties Price Range: Suburb, Downtown, and Central Bangkok

Thailand Rental Properties: Common Rental Prices in Bangkok
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Living in Thailand offers you the best prices for food, entertainment, and even for renting. Due to its popularity especially among expats, the rent in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and other major urban areas have risen for the past years. But, the rental properties in Thailand are significantly better-priced as compared to other countries.

An important thing to note here is that property prices differ depending on several things such as:

  • Quality of neighbourhood
  • Lifestyle preference
  • Proximity to MRT or BTS stations
  • Facility inclusion
  • Condition or age of the buildings

With that said, it is hard to give an estimate on rental prices in Thailand as a whole. But in this article, you will find out property prices depending on some of the factors mentioned above.

Common Rental Property Prices in Thailand

Thailand Rental Properties: Common Rental Prices in Bangkok

1,000 to 4,000 Baht per Month

This budget is for students and people finding an okay place to stay. You can find dormitory-like rooms for 1,500 Baht. For an unfurnished or semi-furnished studio unit, prices usually start at 3,000 Baht for a 25 square metre room for rent.

You can also find one bedroom apartments in a guarded building. These kind of rental properties are available in either downtown Bangkok or out in the suburbs. As you go further into the suburbs, you’ll get better-priced apartments which are usually fully-furnished.

Sometimes, you could also get a four-bedroom townhouse in a “mooban” or what Thais call a subdivision or village. This location is usually a long way from downtown Bangkok. The place comes unfurnished, so expect to spend enough for furniture. If you’re looking to stay in Bangkok permanently, this is a good enough choice.

5,000 to 12,000 Baht per Month

This amount could get you a nicer area with a nice lifestyle. With this budget, you could get a one or two-bedroom unit with a kitchen and a bathroom.

Having 5,000 Baht can get you a one bedroom apartment in the far end of the sky train. It can be about 20 minutes from downtown Bangkok. Meanwhile, at 12,000 Baht, you can find a two-bedroom apartment for rent in a nice building conveniently close to a sky train route. Aside from that, your 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Bangkok may come with facilities such as swimming pool and gym.

If you’re looking for a townhouse, you can find a large one for around 11,000 Baht, with some even furnished.

These types of properties for rent in Thailand can still be found in the suburbs. You can hardly find anything in this price range in downtown Bangkok.

13,000 to 22,000 Baht per Month

This amount could get you a ticket to a nice one-bedroom apartment in downtown Bangkok. It can be conveniently located near shopping malls, upscale restaurants and bars, and even near BTS or MRT. A 22,000 Baht budget can even get you a two-bedroom apartment if you look well enough.

These types of rental properties are all in western-style buildings with a comfortable bathroom, kitchen facilities, laundry area, as well as TV and internet access.

23,000 to 40,000 Baht per Month

This budget gets you into the more luxurious part of apartment living. Expect to rent an apartment within the centre of downtown Bangkok, near upscale restaurants, shops, gyms, and virtually anything you need.

Apartments for rent in this price range are usually spacious, well-decorated, furnished, and has a nice view.

Above 40,000 Baht per Month

With this amount of money, the choice of having to live in a luxury condominium or apartments is no problem. You can lavish in a two or three-bedroom penthouse-style apartment with multiple facilities within your reach.

To Wrap It All Up

Foreigners might see these Thailand rental properties as the best deal there is. But it is important to note that salaries are lower in Bangkok as well so there’s no surprise to the relatively lower prices as compared to other countries.

The given price range above for each property type is flexible because as mentioned earlier, these property prices are heavily dependent on multiple factors. In this article, we have given you a rough estimate on what you should expect with your given budget.

To help you find your next rental property, we have a list of both property agents and Thai properties for rent readily accessible for your convenience.

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