3 Reasons Why Foreigners Choose Real Estate Malaysia

September 19, 2016 Malaysia

Real estate in Malaysia is continuously growing popular in the overseas property market.

If you’re looking to enter the overseas property investment scene, Malaysia should be one of your first destinations. With its continuously increasing number of foreign investors, surely there has to be good reasons why real estate in Malaysia remains attractive to international property buyers and investors. In fact, it has become one of the fastest growing economies in its region.

So what’s behind Malaysia’s popularity in the property market?



Easy and Foreigner-friendly Policies

First and foremost, foreigners love investing in real estate in Malaysia because of its favourable rules and incentives catering to international buyers. It offers 10-year entry permits for foreign homebuyers through the Malaysia My Second Home Program. It does not require local partners, allowing 100% ownership in property investment, and the taxes are lifted from overseas income remittances, car duties, and other taxes.  Is there any other country that would treat you better as an immigrant?

Get More for Less

With its attractive real estate properties at low buying cost, foreigners can be certain of getting more value for their money. Triple that, even. Rental yields in Malaysia can go higher than 10% and demands for property resale remains strong from locals moving in to the city. And because Malaysian ringgit has lower value compared to euros or dollars, foreign investors can make the most out of their money in Malaysia. This makes prime land and exclusive properties available to them, which is something harder to acquire in their home countries. The cost of living is also lower compared to its neighbour, Singapore.

A Real Second Home

Being a culturally diverse country, foreigners won’t feel very different. The number of tourists and expatriates continue to grow. English is widely used and spoken and the people are considered to be one of the warmest and most hospitable. They’ll feel right at home. They don’t even have to worry about natural disasters because Malaysia is free from earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis and the like. In a 2011 Global Peace Index report, Malaysia was named the safest country in Southeast Asia.

Despite its own problems, Malaysia has kept a good property investment climate by making itself more available for real estate property investors. Today, it continues to be successful in creating a great environment for locals and immigrants. Why choose Malaysia? Well, why not?

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