Chiang Mai Property Rental: Learn About Rental Prices and The Best Places to Stay

January 10, 2019 Thailand

The Rose of the North: Chiang Mai City

Thailand is one of the hottest investment places for overseas property buyers. With multiple properties sprouting in Thailand for the last five years, Chiang Mai property rental has been bustling with expats.

Chiang Mai Property Rental: Learn Rental Prices and Best Places to Stay

Known as the “Rose of the North,” Chiang Mai is also a famous tourist spot. It is most famous for its ancient temples, bazaars, and vibrant nightlife.

If you plan to find an apartment for rent in Chiang Mai, you should first understand the usual price of renting a building in Chiang Mai. This will save you more money and will help you avoid other unnecessary rental fees. For investors, this information is important to know the common rental prices around the area.

Chiang Mai Property Rental: How Much Does Rent Cost in Chiang Mai?

Suppose you want to find a property to rent. A 30-square metre apartment unit in Chiang Mai with a kitchen and modern facilities will approximately start at THB 6,000 ($180). If you choose a 45-square metre apartment, the price ranges between THB 9,000 to THB 12,000.

For larger apartments with sizes 80 to 120 square metres having two bedrooms, expect to pay THB 18,000 to THB 25,000 a month. If you choose a property with additional facilities such as a gym, pool, Jacuzzi, expect the rent to be higher.

If you are looking for even more value for money, there are houses for rent in the suburbs of Chiang Mai. They tend to be older, so the two-bedroom units for these properties can start rent as low as THB 5,000 or THB 8,000.

Advantages of Renting in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Property Rental: Learn Rental Prices and Best Places to Stay

Chiang Mai property rentals usually have a lot of amenities and can guarantee security. Most of the rental properties in this area are equipped with electronic key cards, 24-hour security, and CCTV surveillance systems.

You can expect most of the properties here to have gyms, shops, swimming pools, and other community facilities you are free to use. If ever you encounter a problem, the property staff can usually help you with your Thai bills or letters. They could also solve any minor problems you may have.

In general, the period of renting in Chiang Mai is more flexible. You can choose to rent for a short time (three months) or longer. However, you should note that the rental price decreases the longer you stay in a property.

For instance, if you rent for three months, your monthly rate will be THB 12,000. In a six-month contract, your lease may be reduced to THB 11,000. For a one year lease, the rent can drop to as low as THB 10,000 per month.

Best Places To Stay in Chiang Mai 

If you decide to rent a flat in Chiang Mai, consider the following three areas. These areas are among the hottest areas of Chiang Mai where most new immigrants choose to live.

Nimman (Nimmanhemin Road)

Nieman Road is a prosperous and upscale area, also known to be the trendiest part of Chiang Mai. Located in the eastern part of Chiang Mai’s old town, Nimman presents itself as a prime location great for renting properties. In addition, many expatriates have chosen to rent quality apartments here. There are multiple rental properties around the area so you have no problem in locating one.

Restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, a five-star hotel, and malls dot the area, giving off a fresh vibe that is somewhat different from its surrounding areas that are known for having traditional Thai sensibilities. Nimman Road runs south from Maya Shopping Mall on Huay Kaew Road, cuts through the city’s university area, then towards the airport.

Hang Dong

Hang Dong District is a 10-minute drive from Chiang Mai Old Town and Nimman District. Due to its rustic living atmosphere, it is very popular with retired foreigners. The residential developments here even include residents and property facilities such as lakes, clubs, gyms, and large household goods stores, so that guests can enjoy a luxurious and convenient living.

Chang Kang

Close to Ping River, Chang Kang District is the best choice for locals and tourists looking for Western restaurants and nightlife. The area is also closer to the Red Light District and the tourist-oriented Chiang Mai Night Market Bazaar, and many people in the area know how to communicate in English.

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