4 Best Cities for Your Thailand Property Investment

August 30, 2018 Thailand / South East Asia

Thailand is a tropical paradise located at the centre of Southeast Asia. This country boasts of its rich culture, tradition, great food, captivating beaches, and low cost of living. Read on to find out the best cities where you could buy a Thailand property.

4 Best Cities to Buy a Thailand Property | Yazhou Property

Investing in properties is one of the things you should do to prepare for the future. Thailand is an attractive destination for property investments because of the diverse option they offer. What’s more is that this country gives you a good value for your money as compared to other countries.

Whether you are looking for a vacation property for your travels, a retirement home for the future, a property that would increase your wealth, or an investment that would ensure a continuous cash flow, all these can be found in the Thailand property market.

Here are the four cities to consider when looking for a Thailand Property:


4 Best Cities to Buy a Thailand Property | Yazhou Property

Pattaya is the city with the most number of expatriates in Thailand. It only means that the rental market here is large. If your focus is to gain continuous cash flow from your Thailand property investment, you should take advantage of the number of expatriates and the high demand for Pattaya property rentals.


4 Best Cities to Buy a Thailand Property | Yazhou Property

Phuket is a top travel destination because of its crystal clear beaches, fine white sands, beautiful mountains, and numerous luxurious Thai condos, apartments, resorts, spas, and restaurants. Because of the strong tourism which brings millions of tourists in, Phuket remains attractive to investors. So, if you are after high returns, this is a great choice as properties here continuously appreciate in value.

Chiang Mai

4 Best Cities to Buy a Thailand Property | Yazhou Property

Chang Mai is the fifth largest city in Thailand. Also known as the “Rose of the North,” Chang Mai provides a relaxing ambiance because of its surrounding mountains and temples. This makes Chang Mai a place enveloped in culture, history, and peacefulness, as compared to the busy streets of Bangkok. This is the city to consider if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing Thai home to settle after retirement.


4 Best Cities to Buy a Thailand Property | Yazhou Property

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand that is regarded as one of the top-invested places due to the overflow of investment opportunities. Investing in this large city would guarantee property appreciation, high property rental yields, and a comfortable vacation or retirement home. Surely, investing in Bangkok would produce favorable results.

The city is wide but try checking properties in Asoke, a business district, and Sukhumvit Road, a commercial centre in Bangkok.

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