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Founded in 2004, Capital One is a Thai real estate company and its subsidiary, Capital One Hong Kong, is focused on providing high quality Thai and Southeast Asian real estate projects to Hong Kong clients.

Unlike other real estate agencies, Capital One Hong Kong provides one-stop real estate services to clients, including investment opportunities to assist in the search for residential or commercial properties, direct sales and resale of tenements from owners or property developers. Provide clients with real estate investment advice, guidance and assistance in inquiring about property sales progress. The company will also provide full rental services to tenants and landlords, as well as financial assistance from reputable banks such as UOB, Bank of China and Thailand's MBK.

Capital One Hong Kong has world-class market and real estate experts to serve clients to identify, analyze and discover the potential of the world's best real estate investments and to ensure that investors receive guaranteed capital appreciation and return on investment.

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•consultation service

• Sales and marketing services

• Rental management services

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