Property News: International Property Awards 101

September 23, 2016 Thailand / Philippines / Singapore / Vietnam / Malaysia / Japan / Indonesia / Australia

Different forms of art are being appreciated by various award-giving bodies. Excellence in motion picture is distinguished by The Academy Awards, while goodness in music is respected by The Grammys. For real estate brilliance, it is The International Property Awards that gives property developers and professionals due recognition.

Making Property News Headlines

International Property Awards is conducting their deliberation to segment the top-performing real estate professionals which can represent either a residential or commercial property. The decision on highly commendable real estate, architecture, interior design and development will be out per region. The International decision will be made this December.

IPA Property News Asia Property for International property investment

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Importance of the Award

The privilege of being given an award from the International Property Awards is instant property news for it holds a prestigious and significant meaning to the art and business side of the property. For Collier International communications head Michelle Santos, it gives them an edge over the competition as it assures clients that they are partnering with the best in the industry.

Even more so, for investors interested in overseas property investment, an International Property Award is an assurance of a good capital spending.

IPA Property News Asia Property for International property investment

Image Credits to International Property Awards

How It Works

The first and easiest step is to register online, wherein an awards advisor will be available to guide the participant through the entry process. After compiling the property market analysis, a panel of expert judges will review the submitted materials. Once all of the entries have been judged, scores will be computed and each entry will receive a percentage score. The latter will decide if your entry merits a Highly Commended or the highest national award—5 Star recognition. Results will be delivered by region, for example, an Asia property report will first be released wherein winners will be invited to the International awarding.

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