What to Expect When You Buy A Property in Phaya Thai – Ratchathewi

July 24, 2019 Thailand

Siam is the life and center of Bangkok because the area is sprawling with shopping malls, restaurants and offices. That being said, the trendy neighbourhood overshadows Phaya Thai- Ratchathewi. A vibrant and an interesting place to live in. However, because of the growth and progress of the neighbourhood, Phaya Thai- Ratchathewi is now one of the coveted locations in Bangkok.

Business establishments are booming and real estate projects are rising in Phaya Thai-Ratchathewi. In fact, investors even students from Pratunam district are looking forward to upcoming Thailand real estate projects and business establishments.

The neighbourhood became and still notable because of factors that allow locals and expats to thrive on.

Phaya Thai – Ratchathewi Neighbourhood: Thailand Real Estate Guide

Travel and commute at ease

BTS Skytrain is a main mode of transportation in Bangkok, Thailand. Daily commuters have access to this convenient mass transport because there are BTS Skytrain stations in Phaya Thai- Ratchathewi. The Sukhumvit Line (BTS Ratchthewi and BTS Phaya Thai) passes through the neighbourhood.

Main roads such as Phetchaburi and Si Ayutthaya are also connected and serviced the area.

Phaya Thai – Ratchathewi Neighbourhood: Thailand Real Estate Guide

Learn from prestigious institutions

Locals and expats with families are thrilled with the several educational institutions around the neighbourhood. First is the Chulalongkorn University, a well-known top research and learning university in Thailand. Next is the Triam Udom Suksa, an active state school with one of the highest enrolment rates. Mater Dei School and Wannasorn Tower are the other reliable learning institutions within the vicinity.

Phaya Thai – Ratchathewi Neighbourhood: Thailand Real Estate Guide

Establish business and build an empire

Numerous offices like co-working spaces are starting in the area. Same with commercial establishments like the 27-storey Spring Tower. A Grade A office space for prime business developed by Aspiration One Company Limited.

Phaya Thai – Ratchathewi Neighbourhood: Thailand Real Estate Guide

Unwind and relax

Given that Bangkok is known for speakeasies, cafes and trendy bars, expect that Phaya Thai- Ratchathewi boasts exciting spots too. Local, Japanese and Western cuisine are the best served dishes in the area.

When it comes to Thailand real estate, the neighbourhood is a great place to invest due to the fact that certain markets are looking into it.

Besides, the return of investment in the area is appealing, especially properties near BTS Skytrain stations and main roads. The resale value of a high-rise condominium is approximately 200,000-baht per square metre. While rental is about 5 per cent per year, according to Plus Property.

Phaya Thai – Ratchathewi Neighbourhood: Thailand Real Estate Guide

For locals and expats who are looking for a new Thailand property for sale within the neighbourhood, Park Origin Phayathai is one to check. The real estate project development by Origin Property focus on nature, community and technology.

Behind the mountain-like architecture is the “A Perfect Living Platform” concept. For this reason and idea, the developers offer a living space with a number of impressive indoor and outdoor facilities.

Sale price of Park Origin Phayathai starts from 5.8 million baht.

For the list of other high-rise condos for sale in Thailand, check  Yazhou Property.

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