Amazing Space-saving Hacks for your Apartment!

September 27, 2018

Let’s say you’ve chosen your home from a plethora of apartments for sale in Asia. After buying it, you move in so giddy and excited that you brought a lot of stuff. However, you can’t fit it all!

Save Space, Save Time

Moving in is always fun. Sometimes, it can be so gruesome because of all the organizing you need to do. Moreover, most apartments for sale have bare furnishings. So, it can be a pain to look for furniture that will fit in your apartment.

BUT, you could all relax now because we are here to give you tips and tricks to make space and fit as much as you like in your new home!

Top Priority: Bed

The first thing that you should think about is where to sleep. If you’re looking to save space, this sofa that doubles as a queen-sized bed. Yes, queen-sized. In an apartment where every inch is important, this bed can save you a ton of space during the day while you do your routine. At night, you can sleep with ease, even toss and turn if you like.

Expand Furniture

Clothes: Where to put clothes?

There are a lot of cabinet choices, especially those big and bulky ones. Even so, those cabinets will not do. Aiming for a more minimalist and clean look in your apartment, you can opt to choose these wall-less cabinets. Not only will it save space, but your apartment will look cool!

The Chromologist

What’s more is that you can DIY this hanging branch clothing rack right here! Check Apartment Therapy for instructions.

For additional convenience, you can also buy door racks like these.  It’s easy to install and to use.

Urban Outfitters

Desks: Avoid Scattered Things!

Wall desks. Once you hear it, you’d never believe it. But, we are here to introduce the Wally, a desk that can be stored on the wall and pulled down whenever you need a table. It even has a storage and shelving option.

This furniture removes all unnecessary clutter in your apartment.

Resource Furniture

In addition, for those of you who have narrow spaces with a nice window, you can always mount a slab of wood right there. It will be perfect for your morning breakfast or your late night dinner — just you and the beautiful view.

Homed It

If you’re a person who loves to work at home, you could always resort to this furniture right here. Complete with retractable and spacious storage, your computer, books, and papers will fit snuggly.

Resource Furniture

Declutter Your Kitchen

If you don’t have the luxury of a big and spacious kitchen, then these hacks are for you. This pull-out pantry is best for you lazy bums out there. Instead of reaching for high cabinets, you can just easily pull your pantry – like a big vertical drawer.


Another thing that can’t be avoided is the pots and pans, especially if you have that hidden chef in you. These space-eating kitchen wares can always be stacked vertically as well. This is to avoid placing them in large cabinets that usually take up space and do not have proper ventilation.

An example like just the photo below is a nice option. Its wooden accents will also add a rustic charm to your apartment.


Tables and Chairs: Make Way for Visitors

Inviting someone over? You better have tables and chairs that could accommodate your guests, even though your apartment is not that big.

This chair acts as a perfect double. As a chair and a bed at the same time, you can utilise its functionality and space-saving capacities.

123 Moebel

This table too presents a mess-free and stress-free living. Now, you will not worry about bumping over chairs and scattered chairs.

Antares Company

Hassle-free Baby Changer

Parents on the go would find this innovative baby changer time-saving. With all you need on its shelf, changing your baby’s diapers will be so much easier. Instead of bending to a low bed, you can stand upright while ensuring your baby’s safety with its curved edges.


Tidy-up Your Accessories

Avoid losing your earrings and necklaces by putting it in an unconventional but wise storage. Have your favourite artwork? Check! Make it into a nice jewellery holder? Check! Instead of having a big box of accessories, this painting-slash-jewellery holder will save more space.


 Additional Knick-knacks

Have books and other things that don’t seem to fit anywhere? Check out these minimalist and space-saving shelves from Etsy! Unlike those big wooden shelves, these shelves right here will fit in the corner and walls of your apartment—unobstructed and functional.




Keeping all these things in mind will help you have an efficient, comfortable, and stylish apartment living. Spruce up your apartment now!

If you’re reading this but you still don’t have an apartment, we’ll help you find yours. Check more apartments for sale in Asia and other new property on our website.

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