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February 27, 2019

Connecting Rental Property Owners, Tenants, and Real Estate Agents for Easy and Transparent Transactions

The property rental business can be tough. This is true for tenants, property agents, and owners of rental properties. As it can be hard, it can also be rewarding at the same time, more so with the right tools — say, an online integrated rental platform.

For the property owner who is looking for another source of income, renting can become a lucrative business especially when your property is situated near central business districts or schools. However, owners of overseas rental properties are usually faced with the difficulty of finding tenants and reliable property agents. Aside from that, property agents decry how hard it is to find clients.

Furthermore, tenants struggle to find rental homes, especially for foreign tenants who lack knowledge of the country’s local property market. What if there comes a day where tenants, property owners, and property agents can get connected through one platform?

Thankfully, we have come up with the solution for all the problems that tenants, property owners, and agents face. This is the part when the property rental business gets rewarding.

AP365: The Complete Package for All Renting Needs

AP365: An Integrated Property Rental Platform for All Leasing Problems

Introducing AP365, an online integrated platform which helps property owners connect with overseas tenants and agents. With just one platform, property owners can manage all their rental properties and track things such as contracts, payments, and other fees. In addition, finding and appointing property agents will be simply convenient.

AP365 is not just designed for property owners, but for both property agents and tenants as well. This platform underscores how easy it will be to connect people. Knowing that property rental can be hard especially for foreigners, AP365 has come up with ways to make transactions seamless between property owners, tenants, and property agent. Overall, AP365 makes renting a property in Asia easy.

With AP365, common problems such as language barrier, contracts, and payment methods are easily addressed. Ready to see its perks? Check it out below!

Why do property owners need to sign up?

In this age, owners of rental properties need an advanced platform that has it all, trust us. Property owners can:

  • List their property online
  • Manage multiple overseas properties within one dashboard
  • Get connected to property agents and tenants, appoint agents
  • Easily find professionals to advertise your overseas property
  • Online contract and payment management – collecting rentals and paying maintenance fees online with automated rental invoices and follow-ups
  • Multilingual support in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese

Will Property Agents Get Something Good Out of Signing Up?

Of course, they will! Property agents can:

  • Earn more by referring their clients
  • Track and manage multiple properties within one dashboard
  • Get connected to foreign property owners to earn more
  • Serve your overseas client better with only tracking
  • Multilingual support in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese

Are there any perks for tenants looking for rental properties in this platform?

There sure are! Tenants can:

  • Seamlessly have a rental property search, be it apartments for rent, homes for rent, or condominiums for rent.
  • Have complete details of properties
  • Directly chat rental property owner for inquiries or appointments
  • Sign contracts and pay rental and other fees easily

AP365, the integrated overseas leasing platform, is coming soon! Stay tuned for more updates by following our Facebook page! If you are interested in this platform, kindly leave your information and indicate “AP365” in the text box. Our customer service staff will get in touch with you soon.

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