Things to know before renovating your condominium

February 08, 2018

Have you noticed that your condominium needs a makeover? It may be time for a renovation. But to ensure a smooth process, check with your building administrator on the developer’s rules on renovations. Once you’ve cleared this, you can start renovating your condo home! Here are 5 things that you need to know for a stress-free renovation.

Things to know before condominium renovation | Condominium | Yazhou Property

Look for Advice

Living in a condominium has lots of benefits; one of them is easy access to maintenance services and professional advice on renovation. Getting assistance for simple furniture installation can be done by your building’s maintenance services. For major overhauls, you would need to hire contractors. Ask your maintenance office for condo renovation tips and referrals to avoid disappointments. Being in touch with the condo staff will help you find out the work allowed in your building. You may also ask your neighbours and friends to get referrals.

Be Flexible

Make sure that you have a clear picture of what you want before speaking with a contractor. With a clear plan, it will be easier for them to give you an estimate of renovation coast and timeframe. Get bids from two to three contracts and tell them that you are considering multiple offers. Remember to stay flexible especially if the renovation you want has an extended schedule.

Read the Details of the Contract

Reading contracts can be a tedious job. The contract will protect you and your contractor. Make sure to note down change orders, payment, additional charges, timeline and scope of work. Do not hesitate to ask if you are unclear of something to avoid arguments. If you can, always have a condominium staff to be there with you so everything will comply with the rules.

Things to know before condominium renovation | Condominium | Yazhou Property

Prepare for the Condominium Unit Renovation

When starting renovation, you should consider if the entire family needs to move out the condominium unit. That is why before pushing thru with the project, you should discuss the renovation with your family. There are projects that would need tenants to move out temporarily. Contractors would urge you to move especially when the job poses risks or the average condo size limits workers to move around. When moving out, remember to pack all essential belongings to avoid going back and forth.

Keep Communication

One of the common causes of a renovation project’s failure is the lack of communication between the condominium owner and their contractor. This is why one great tip is to start renovation during vacations for easier monitoring. You may also ask assistance for the construction from the rest of the household.

If you’re planning to do renovations soon, take notes of these items. You can read more tips on home and condominium renovations and property updates in our blog and Facebook page.