Here are five tips and tricks for the Chinese New Year

February 15, 2018

Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated days of the year. This is the true start of the year for those who follow the lunar calendar. To bring in a positive energy in, create harmony within your home. Here are 5 tips and tricks for creating a haven of Chinese New Year energy.

Pay Your Bills

5 tips and tricks for the Chinese New Year | Chinese New Year | Yazhou Property

One of the first things that you should do to usher in a great new year is to pay your bills. You wouldn’t want to a fresh year by bringing your old debts into it.

Fill Spaces with Flowers

Add color, beauty and life into your space with flowers. Not only will it bring color and life into you space but it also enhances your Chinese New Year feng shui.  You can stock up on orchids for nobility, narcissus for good luck, pussy willows for new beginnings, peonies for wealth and peace, and chrysanthemums for long life.

Align Your Decorations with the Elements

This year we are entering the year of the earth dog, meaning you should get elements that are aligned with earth, fire and metal. The metal element is added because it is believed to help activate your wealth luck. This Chinese New Year is the perfect time to wear any silver or gold metal jewelry.

Get Your Hands on a New Broom

5 tips and tricks for the Chinese New Year | Chinese New Year | Yazhou Property

It is believed that brooms hold the energy of the past year. Sweep the old energy out one last time before the Chinese New Year with a brand new broom. It will not only cleanse your home of dust but it also brings in new energy to a clean home.  Make sure to do it before the New Year as to not sweep away all the good luck.

Whip Up the Best Chinese New Year Food

5 tips and tricks for the Chinese New Year | Chinese New Year | Yazhou Property

The best part of the Chinese New Year is the food! You would want to create a menu for the day whether you’re celebrating alone or with family and friends. Choose foods that are symbolic to the energy you want to usher in. You can bring in prosperity to your home by serving chicken, long noodles for long life, tangerines for wealth and good fortune, and dumplings for good luck.

If you’re getting your home ready for the Chinese New Year, take notes of these items. You can read more tips on home living and property updates in our blog and Facebook page.