Trehaus – A Coworking Space Where Career & Family Coexist

April 09, 2020

For centuries, we have been struggling to strike a balance between career and family, but a trio of mothers in Singapore has created Trehaus – a family-friendly coworking space in Singapore that might just be the perfect solution.

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Trehaus Singapore

Introducing Trehaus, an integrated coworking space located in Funan Mall that emphasizes on industry exposure and family life being prioritized equally. Their tagline of “For Parents, For Children, For Families” has brought out the ultimate goal and message on true work-life integration.

According to the co-founder and CEO, Dr. Elaine Kim, Trehaus is born “to create a workplace environment where people do not have to choose between career and family”, based on an interview with Vulcan Post.

To fully conceptualize this, Trehaus has dissected its business model into 3 parts, Business Club, Trehaus School, and Family Club.

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Business Club

Similar to any other coworking space and coworking office in Singapore, the necessary Hot Desks, Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms are all available here.

However, what makes them stand out amongst other coworking space and coworking office, is the option for parents to work, while their children are under the caretakers of Trehaus. Best of all, the working parents and children are just nearby each other!

Basically, there are two categories for Business Club, one is for working parents, while another is for corporates, which the venue can accommodate up to 60 people.

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Trehaus School

A Silicon Valley-inspired preschool and childcare that focuses on raising changemakers of the future, while letting their parents be present in their children’s learning journey.

This preschool accepting children from 2 months old up to 6 years old, with one teacher leading a maximum of 5 children, developing on the children’s knowledge and character that reflects in their curriculum activities.

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Family Club

All work no play makes Jack a dull boy. And you don’t want your children to be like Jack, do you?

With Trehaus Family Club, children could achieve Learning Through Play via specially curated enrichment classes, such as music, soccer, yoga, coding, etc. while parents enjoy an exclusive invitation to workshops, talks, and events in the coworking space.

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Ideal Location for a Coworking Space

Located within Singapore’s central business district at Funan Mall, this coworking office is just a few minutes away from City Hall MRT station and it is right opposite of Peninsula Plaza and St Andrews’s Cathedral.

Besides, there are also multiple bus stations nearby that provide an upper hand amongst other coworking offices around.

Relieved from your stress on work by simply heading to Funan Mall’s rooftop for a breather, or perhaps enjoy some of the entertaining facilities inside the mall such as rock-climbing, theatre or VR experience.


There is no other coworking space like Trehaus. Contact Us or Schedule for a viewing today!



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