Overseas Property Investment: Reasons To Consider Hong Kong

November 01, 2016

Located at the heart of Asia, Hong Kong remains a sound overseas property investment destination amid grim forecast. It’s still the most expensive market in the world for property investment but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a city with global promise. Its rich culture and cosmopolitan lifestyle make it a gateway for bigger opportunities in Asian real estate. If you’ve ever wondered if a Hong Kong real estate investment is for you, you’ve stumbled upon the right article. Here are the top reasons why you should consider investing in Hong Kong real estate:

Public Transport Service is World Class

Is Hong Kong A Worthy Overseas Property Investment? | Yazhou PropertyHong Kong has one of the most successful metro systems in the world

Travelling is convenient in Hong Kong. The public transport service is top-notch, reliable, efficient and reasonably priced. In fact, Invest HK reports that “90% of the 12.5 million daily commuter trips are on commercially operated buses, trams, trains, metro and ferries.”

If you’re a foreigner moving to Hong Kong, the world-class transportation will be the least of your concerns. Many condominiums are also built close to train stations, which allow you to easily navigate the city. Who knows? Morning commutes might lead you to another overseas property gem in Hong Kong worth investing in. For expatriate professionals, flying in and out of Hong Kong is easier too. Hong Kong’s strategic location is within four hours’ flying time away from key Asian business hubs.

It’s a Cosmopolitan City

Is Hong Kong A Worthy Overseas Property Investment? | Yazhou PropertyHong Kong is one of the most progressive cities in Asia

It’s easy to get acclimated in Hong Kong because it’s one of the most progressive cities in Asia. Moreover, it serves as headquarters to many multinational companies. With that, there is a large expatriate community in Hong Kong. It may be small, but it offers a lot of activities both for leisure and business. As such, foreigners who move to Hong Kong won’t suffer from culture shock for long. Further, communicating in Hong Kong is fairly manageable too. Business is done in English while maps, signs and other information are also provided in English.

There’s Hong Kong Real Estate for Everyone

Is Hong Kong A Worthy Overseas Property Investment? | Yazhou Property
Real Estate options abound in Hong Kong

Although properties in Hong Kong are on the pricier side, there are still a variety of options for overseas property buyers. There are homes for families, condos for single expatriates and luxury units for those with a finer taste. It all depends on your preferred location.

One of the primary reasons foreigners invest in Hong Kong real estate is to rent it out. As a global financial centre, you can’t discount the fact that demand for Hong Kong property will always be there. As such, real estate investors can go for more exclusive properties if they intend to rent it out to expatriates. There are also a variety of real estate options for those who plan to sell it in the future.

Although the Hong Kong property market is currently the most unaffordable, you’ll never know when things will turn around. Once things are on the upswing, you can dive into the market and reap the benefits of a Hong Kong property investment. In the meantime, brush up on real estate investment in Hong Kong or other Asia properties by visiting our blog.

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