Which Bangkok Condo Will Suit Your Personality The Best?

May 31, 2019 Thailand

Which Bangkok Condo Will Suit Your Personality The Best? | Rent | Condominium

Be a part of the rich and thriving culture of the city of Bangkok by stepping into rental properties.  Now is time to find the right Bangkok property that will cater to the lifestyle you dreamt of. With that, uncover which Bangkok condo is best for your personality.

For the nocturnal: The XXXIX

The XXXIX is perfect for someone who wants to be situated at the heart of Sukhumvit. The area of The XXXIX hosts iconic shopping centres, trendy bars and clubs, and the best restaurants and café in town. It is simply perfect for someone who wants to hustle at work in the morning and enjoy a party at night. The design of the condominium showcases a clean symmetrical lined façade that represents contemporary urban living.

For the family man: Quattro

Want a rental home that gives your family great convenience? Quattro offers a great convenience on transportations to connect you with other parts of Bangkok and provinces near the city. The property also makes it easier for kids to go to classes as it is nearby schools like The Little House International Kindergarten and Charoen Wut Witthaya School. Above all, it situates you five minutes away from a hospital in case someone in your family needs medical assistance. So, if you are someone who wants to move in with your family, Quattro is the right Bangkok condo to look into.

For the ethical hedonist: Hyde Sukhumvit 13

Hyde Sukhumvit 13 is ideal for people who have a knack for all things luxurious. Living in this property gives you quick access to the adjacent hotel, Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit. Likewise, you will be a few steps away from the retail centre that connects the two establishments, which is composed of shops and restaurants. This is a condo made in heaven for people who want to live in grandeur.

For the eco-lover: THE LINE Phahonyothin Park

This Thailand property is an epitome of combining city life to nature. THE LINE is for someone who dreamt of living in a place surrounded by lush green garden while being in the city. This Bangkok Condo not only offers an expansive garden but also a wide variety of transportation that connects local and international destinations. Of course, department stores and educational institutions are also within your reach.

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