Top 10 Exciting Places to Hangout near BTS Phaya Thai Station

January 07, 2020 Thailand

When you think of Phaya Thai, you think of affluence, coffee shops, and delectable street food desserts. In fact, you will never run out of places to hangout near BTS Phaya Thai station.

Like any other districts in Bangkok, Phaya Thai also has easy access to transportation – Phaya Thai Station. A transit or interchange station on the Airport Rail Link (ARL) and BTS Sukhumvit City Line. Residential and business estates with numerous cafes and shopping centres are around the BTS Phaya Thai Station.

If you are planning to rent a property near the station and into food crawls, entertainment as well as shopping, here’s a list of the top 10 places to hangout near BTS Phaya Thai Station.

1. Pratunam Market

Take a walk to Pratunam Market situated on Petchaburi Road. It only takes a 10-minute walk from BTS Ratchathewi to reach the known retail and outdoor stalls market. Plus, Central World is also a 5-minute walk from there. Pratunam is Thailand’s largest clothing market and one of the must-visit shopping centres in Bangkok. Be it branded or unbranded clothes, textiles and fashion accessories Pratunam Market has it in full retail or wholesale.

Word of advice: Do not forget to bargain!

2. Coco Walk

A few steps from BTS Ratchathewi Exit 4 lies a famous Bangkok alleyway of pubs and restaurants – Coco Walk. Do not be surprised if you notice its rather shabby looking entrance. But, once you enter the lane and find your way around, numerous bars and dining spots with reasonably-priced beverages are at every corner.

Other than food and drinks, a plethora of entertainment options like pool tables, shishas and live sports activities make people go back at Coco Walk.

3. Coffee Factory

Another famous Phaya Thai tourist spot is the Coffee Factory. An award-winning “Barista Champion” conveniently located beside ARL Phayathai Station. Specially brewed coffee using local beans is one of the cafes popular drink choice. In addition to the high-quality cup of joe, are must-try signature drinks – Black Cocoa Yen and Mrs. Cold.

Besides the freshly brewed cup tailored-made for everyone, the lofty vibe and cosy setting of the coffee joint make the drinking experience more enjoyable for the locals and young tourists.

Restaurants, cafes and markets: Places to Hangout Near BTS Phaya Thai Station

4. Bangkok Arts and Culture Center

Located next to National Stadium BTS Skytrain Station, which also links to Siam Discovery and MBK Center Shopping Malls is the iconic contemporary center. The BACC exhibits a range of artworks and design. Theatre, film and music take place and featured at the centre too. Moreover, the BACC hosts both local Thai and international artists.

Approach the bilingual staff to guide and provide information about the exhibits.

5. B-Story Cafe

B-Story Cafe is a rustic coffee shop and eatery decorated with elegant chandeliers, paintings, sculptures and exposed brick walls. The picturesque coffee joint surrounded by flowers and vines mimics the French cafe and pastry shops.

B-Story Cafe offers a variety of desserts like carrot cheesecake and blueberry tart. Having lunch at this place should be on your list of things to do in Phaya Thai.

6. Caturday Cat Café

The cat shop that houses furry cats is at Coco Walk next to BTS Ratchathewi.

Caturday Cat Cafe serves delicious cakes, finger food and good coffee. While you unwind in the cosy atmosphere, let the lovely and friendly cats entertain you. Take pictures and treat the cats too. Buy souvenirs from the shop for remembrance and for keeping the memories of the experience alive.

The Caturday Cat Cafe is truly a remarkable place to hang out, especially if you are a cat lover.

7. Neon Night Market

Neon Night Market is the newest addition in Bangkok’s night scene. Located near the Platinum Mall is the bazaar that offers a variety of fashion accessories and souvenirs at reasonable prices. Neon Night Market is one to look for if you are shopping in Phaya Thai.

The bazaar is actually a 5-minute walk to Pratunam Market. After splurging on goods, hit the local food stalls that serve a selection of fresh and tasty local cuisine. The downtown area is definitely one of the best places to hangout near BTS Phaya Thai Station, particularly during the night.

8. Petchaburi Soi 5: P’Aor Tom Yum Noodle

Located at a walking distance of 600m from BTS Phaya Thai Station, Petchaburi Soi 5 is the local street food hub having various local vendors that serve delicious street food at night.

Look for P’Aor for a tasty bowl of Tom Yum Kung Noodles. The rice noodles come in a creamy sweet and sour broth.

Restaurants, cafes and markets: Places to Hangout Near BTS Phaya Thai Station

9. Victory Monument: Boat Noodle or “Kuay Teow Rua”

Victory Monument is a huge roundabout and a local transport hub where people board and alight the local buses. Another thing about the place is that it is also a hub of tasty local street food stalls. One of the recommended dish to try is called “boat noodles”. The story behind the must-try noodles start in a little alleyway tucked nearby the bustling Victory Monument. It is a local hotspot for the best boat noodles in Bangkok.

Visit the area and choose the best bowl of Thai boat noodles that suit your palate.

10. Kuang Seafood Soi Rangnam

Known as Rangnam, the area that serves fresh catch and cuts of seafood cuisine is popular among locals and expatriates. Kuang Seafood Soi Rangnam is one of the go-to places in the area. The restaurant serves a variety of Thai-Chinese food and seafood like a sizzling oyster omelette, steamed sea bass with soy sauce, and “Pu Pad Pong Gali” also known as stir-fried crab meat with curry powder.

Try Kuang Seafood Soi Rangnam and make your dining in Phaya Thai an amazing one.

There are other spots to consider nearby. However, these are the top 10 most exciting places to hangout near BTS Phaya Thai Station.

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