Things To Expect While Living As An Expat In A Bangkok Property

June 19, 2019 Thailand

Why do expatriates move to rental properties in Bangkok instead of other cities in Southeast Asia? And what to expect while living in a Bangkok property?

The city of Bangkok continues to set its mark in the real estate market as the number of expats grows. More and more expatriates are moving to pursue a life in this city, which is full of a unique culture. But why do expats choose to move to Bangkok instead of other cities in Southeast Asia? And what should you expect when you move into a Bangkok property? Check them out below.

#1: The rich culture

One good reason why Bangkok captures the heart of expats is its unique culture and the great hospitality of its people. Certainly, smiles will always give you a warm welcome in each neighbourhood. Above all, the cuisine and the landscape of Thailand make sure that you won’t want to leave the country any time soon.

#2: Plenty of career and business opportunities

The city of Bangkok is consistently progressing. There are a lot of career and business opportunities waiting for expats when they move to Bangkok. Although companies may pay less compared to the same jobs in Western countries, the salary will be more than enough to live in a decent Bangkok property for rent they desire. This is probably because of the low cost of living in the city.

#3: Wide variety of transportation system

Exploring the city of Bangkok is made easy with a wide variety of transportation system. In fact, the traffic in Bangkok can be quite appalling but when you are in a rush, the BTS Skytrain and MRT Subway can conveniently connect you to different parts of Bangkok. While for short distance travels, there are taxis and buses, which are widely used all over the city.

#4: Cheaper living expenses

Living in Bangkok is far cheaper than living in other large cities like Singapore and Hong Kong. Surprisingly, you can find a  rental condominium unit starting from 10,000 THB a month. Moreover, food, everyday necessities, and forms of leisure are affordable in the city.

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