Top four reasons to buy a Thailand property in Pattaya

November 09, 2016 Thailand

Top Four Reasons To Buy A Thailand Property In Pattaya |Yazhou PropertyResort City Pattaya

Before Thailand property developers got a hold of Pattaya, it was just a humble, peaceful fishing village in the gulf of Thailand. In the 1960s, American troops set up an R & R base in Pattaya and used it as their refuge from the war. Locals and foreigners would turn to Pattaya’s beaches for recreation and relaxation after fighting a hard battle overseas.

People saw opportunity in the influx of soldiers in the area. They built Thailand properties and other establishments outside the camp’s premises and near the beaches, which started the tourism industry in Pattaya.

As of today, Pattaya is one of the leading developed cities in Thailand. Tourists flock the resort city for being one of the nearest vacation hotspots from Bangkok, and that, in turn, convinces foreigners to make Pattaya their overseas property investment of choice.

Some lean to the entertainment and food industries for their overseas investments while others see opportunity in a Thailand property.

Yazhou Property will give three reasons why you, too, should buy a Thailand property in Pattaya.

Affordability of a Thailand property in Pattaya

Western condominium prices could not compare with how affordable some Asia properties can go for, particularly in the southeast region. The cost of a single property in the west could get you more than two properties in Asia. Even then, you’ll still have enough to pay for a month-long vacation that includes constant travelling.

Even a Bangkok property cannot compare to the low prices in Pattaya. Why would one choose to invest in the crowded streets of Bangkok when you could live peacefully with a breath-taking view in Pattaya? And if you find yourself needing to be in the premises of Bangkok, don’t worry. Bangkok is less than a two-hour drive away from Pattaya.

Pattaya on its own

Pattaya is a resort city that doesn’t depend on its neighbours to survive and offers well-equipped infrastructure and facilities to its people. The city has its own hospitals, international schools, golf courses, shopping malls, and even the largest water parks in Southeast Asia reside in Thailand.

The upsurge of tourists and expat community

Pattaya holds large expat communities and continues to pull in more and more tourists every year. Most of Pattaya’s expat community came from the west, with each tourist bearing different interest. Some expats set up bars and restaurants with additional entertainment, while others move here just to relax and unwind.

According to Key Visa Thailand, “if Bangkok is the city most associated with expats working in Thailand, then Pattaya, in stark contrast has a large population of around 30,000 permanent foreigners most of whom are in the main retirees.”

“Pattaya enjoys high popularity as the primary and secondary home of working expats, retirees, buy-to-let investors, local businessmen and a significant number of Bangkok Thais.”Pattaya Condo Guide writes.

Easy travel to and from neighbouring cities and provinces

Bangkok’s newest international airport Suvarnabhumi Airport is just a 90-minute drive from Pattaya. There’s also a new high-speed rail link on the way and is set to start operations in 2018. This high-speed rail link will reduce travel time from Bangkok to Pattaya from an hour and 30 minutes to just 30 minutes. This is perfect for locals who want to live in Pattaya, but works in the concrete jungle of Bangkok.

Moreover, those working in Rayong, Chonburi and Lamchabang seaports are more likely to choose Pattaya as their homes. The said areas’ close proximity to Pattaya is an advantage for Pattaya, gaining investors who wish to live in a relaxed place away from their industrial life. Pattaya utilizes its location by offering adrenaline-induced sports activities to tourists as well. A floating market is also available in Pattaya, spiking tourists’ curiosity to go grocery shopping in a different but fun way.

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