Real Estate Guide: Which Is the Best Bangkok Property?

July 01, 2019 Thailand

Bangkok property guide to expats who are into Thailand real estate market

Pouring your investment fund in real estate is never a bad idea. But new Bangkok property investors and expats must scrutinize, analyse and look deeper into the market and the development.

With the number of supply and new condo projects in Thailand, investors must not take it right away. Take note, just because the project is new does not mean that it is the right property to invest in.

Bangkok property projects

Each freehold property has a unique selling point to attract investors. In fact, the intention of developers is to entice both local and foreign property buyers. To do so, real estate developers innovate the system and elevate the design.

Developers usually consider upgrading the security system and the parking system.  As for the design, rooms are getting bigger or functional. For example, high-ceiling condo units are becoming prominent in Thailand.

Given that the condos for sale are grand and inviting, there are still things to check. Here’s a quick guide to help determine and select the ideal Bangkok property for you.

  • Location and neighbourhood

To commute or stay around CBD? This applies to everyone who are always on the go, especially the professionals.

Before buying, consider checking all condos for sale near mass transit, BTS and MRT lines. If you opt to live near the office, make sure to go around and survey the nearest property.

  • Worth and value

Property too expensive? In a budget or not, comparing property prices is a must. Check the project highlights and facilities to learn if these points make the property way expensive than the other.

At least try to compare the unit size of properties too. Given that there are cases wherein the bigger the property, the lower its unit price per square metre.

Of course, calculate for the mortgage and possible rental yield as well.

  • Space and vibe

Ideal for families, urbanites and millennials? Look for a place that will make you feel cosy and at home. For example, a great choice for expats moving in with family would be a condo with children’s playground.

Moreover, always consider for a unit that will accommodate the number of people who will live in.

Learn from the pros

Be in the know. Attend events and go to the respective Bangkok property showroom. Also, reach out to a real estate agent to know more about the project development.

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