Ways to Make Foreign Tenants Feel at Home

July 08, 2019 Thailand

A Guide to Accommodating Foreign Tenants

Owners must be accommodating once they sign up and list their rental property online.

Opening doors to foreign tenants sometimes result to miscommunication, which leads to lesser potential guests. But what if there is a better way to secure monthly guests in your property? With AP365, owners and tenants will get to communicate better with the help of an agent. All questions, transactions and follow-ups will be properly seen and taken care of regardless of the language between parties.

Then after overcoming language barriers, establishing strong communication and securing the booking, owners can start to setup their rental property. That being said, here are other ways to make every guest feel at home in your Bangkok condo for rent.

Learn more about the tenant

Knowing what they need on a daily basis and be able to provide will be a great help. For example, if a tenant is moving with a kid, try to include mini chairs and additional movable storage.

A Guide to Accommodating Foreign Tenants

Go extra

Most likely, overseas tenants will bring or buy their own things if they are renting longer. But sometimes being extra is great, especially if you are a property owner. This is not only because of the stellar reviews, but also to ensure a great stay of the tenants.

Set of spare keys (if needed), adapters, additional bed sheets, kitchenware and cleaning items are some extra things to provide.

Give insider tips about the neighbourhood

Since they are new in the area, share a brief background about the surroundings. Like the nearby restaurants and shops favoured by locals. Another thing to provide are emergency numbers or list of nearby hospitals and clinics will be great too.

Simple things and adjustments can make your unit homey and cosy. If you are ready to welcome foreign tenants in your Bangkok property, list it on AP365.

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