How To Take Professional-Quality Photos For Your Bangkok Property Listings?

June 07, 2019 Thailand

How To Take Professional-Quality Photo For Your Bangkok Property Listings? | Thailand Property | rental properties

Let the images of your Bangkok property tell its own story! With these 5 pro tips below, it is 100% sure to get the most magazine-worthy snapshot of any of your rental properties.


Bring out the best of your space! Clean up and scrub down the entire property until its squeaky clean. Also, put away things that aren’t necessary to be seen in the photos, to be less distractive. In addition, you can be artsy with the photos by unveiling the interior designer in you. You may add some flowers, stacks of books and art pieces in your space to add that extra something in your photos.

Mind the lighting

Photos with better exposure appeal to more people. In fact, it is best to use natural lighting, to reveal the true colors of the Bangkok property. Mind that it shouldn’t be too bright nor too dark. Moreover, you may choose to use editing apps for touch-ups. But a good rule of thumb to remember is if you already took good quality photos, you will only need to do minor editing later.

Snap a photo from the corners of the rooms

To give your rental property photos some edge and dimension, always shoot from the corners of the room. This technique can help you get a broader range of space and a real-to-life perspective of the rooms in your property.

Highlight rare qualities of the Bangkok property

If your property has some unique qualities or amenities, be sure to snap a photo. Things that are rare to find on rental properties catch the attention of potential tenants. For instance, if your condominium for rent has a walk-in closet, this will call the attention of tenants who have a knack for fashion.

Take lots of photos

Potential tenants will always want to see more photos on listings. More photos will give them the impression of transparency because you are willing to show them more of the Bangkok property. Additionally, having more photos will get the viewers excited, and they will have to spend more time on your property listing.

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