10 Space-Saving Home Décor Ideas For Your Asia Properties

August 25, 2016 Thailand / Philippines / Singapore / Vietnam / Malaysia / Japan / Indonesia / Australia

A common denominator between a local and an overseas property is the way it values space in prime locations. If your property is within urban areas or central business districts, real estate space tends to be more valuable. With more and more people moving to the city, living space itself is becoming a premium. According to the United Nations, Asia is home to 16 of today’s mega-cities. Such is why to accommodate more dwellers and meet their financial capabilities, some Asia properties in urban locations are usually on the smaller side.


Re-invent the way you think about space and design

Gone are the days of the “less house design, more space” thinking. What’s a home without a bit of house decoration anyway? The general rule of house renovation in terms of design is to declutter. But it doesn’t mean that you have to throw things out—you just have to organise and categorise. Below are interior design ideas to maximise the space in your Asia properties!

A living room design for your Asia property.

Plan your dream house with more space

1. Use large wall mirrors to trick the eyes

Mirrors will make your home look larger than it actually is. It also reflects light which will make the room look more ventilated.

2. Make way for interior windows

If your space is peppered with solid walls, cut out openings on the walls to create a more open feel. It’s particularly beneficial to install interior windows in rooms without ones, as it helps to bring light in and make the room less claustrophobic.

3. Ditch the cabinets

Cabinets take so much space. Instead, look for a corner in your home where you can mount your DIY Long Dress rack.

A living room design for your Asia property.

Photo courtesy of Mint Love Social Club

4. Store clothes under your bed

This trick is very popular nowadays, so you don’t need to worry about your bedroom design. You can easily buy beautifully-designed beds with drawers and shelves to help you save space and store more items at the same time.

5. Hang pots which double as kitchen decor

If you haven’t shopped for your kitchen utensils yet, look for pieces with handle holes so you can hang them. Go for coloured kitchen materials for a chic design statement.

A living room design for your Asia property.

Photo courtesy of Décor Craze

6. Stick to a colour palette

If white is too plain for you, a pop of colour will do the trick. Keep the colours within the same family though, as too much colours in a small space will make the room look cluttered and overdone.

7. Use the back of the door as storage

You may use this space to hang your towels, bags or even your hamper.

8. Make use of your wall

Love sticking Polaroid pictures on your wall? Try hanging your study desk or television tack too! This will make your room more organized.

A living room design for your Asia property.

Photo courtesy of Design Sponge

9. Paint your walls

Want your living room design to look a bit more stylish and spacious? Paint horizontal lines to make the room look wider. Meanwhile, vertical stripes will give the illusion of height, which is ideal for rooms with low ceilings.

10. Use multifunctional furniture

When buying home décor, make sure you choose multipurpose pieces such as a sofa that has storage underneath or a table with built-in chairs.


Make your Asia Properties look and feel bigger with these tricks or better yet, reserve these tips for your next overseas property investment. Check out Yazhou Property to help you find the most suitable property for your lifestyle. Get the latest news from them by liking their Facebook page.