Asia Property 365 Launches WeChat Mini Programs

January 09, 2020 Thailand

WeChat Mini Programs to benefit AP365 rental property owners.

Today, digital presence is relevant, especially to business and company owners. As people often opt for convenience and accessibility, owners find a way to market and to attract more audience that fits their preference. For Asia Property 365 (AP365), using WeChat Mini Programs is one of the ways to boost online presence and allowing rental owners to increase their chances of getting their properties rented out faster.

WeChat, the popular social media app in China revolutionised the default messaging interface with the WeChat Mini Programs. In fact, businesses can consider the multi-purpose messaging app as an additional channel to generate traffic from China. In other words, property owners on AP365 will have a better audience reach from China as not all websites or platforms are accessible in the country.

Since AP365 launched its official WeChat Mini Programs account, rental property owners on the website can look forward to a higher occupancy rate. On the other hand, people who are hunting apartments or condos for rent also gain with this setup. Potential lessees can conveniently browse all Bangkok property listings and easily communicate with the owners to schedule viewings.

How to get your Bangkok property listings to appear on the AP365 WeChat Mini Programs?

AP365 now on WeChat Mini Programs | Yazhou Property

Property Owners 

1. Create an account and register as an owner on AP365 website.

2. Add the rental property directly on the website.

Once listed, the software interface will synchronise data and update the AP365 WeChat Mini Programs account. 

How to easily search for the AP365 rental properties on WeChat Mini Programs?

AP365 now on WeChat Mini Programs | Yazhou Property

Potential Tenants

1. Download the WeChat app and sign up.

2. Go to “Discover” and click on “Mini Programs”.

3. Then, type in “AP365” in the search bar.

Condos for rent in Bangkok are available on the app. Even the monthly rental rate, area, facilities and more are accessible to every WeChat users. Lastly, interested property occupants can immediately and directly contact the property owner.

WeChat Mini Programs: A smart move done by AP365.

The simple yet multi-purpose messaging app benefits both business (rental property owners) and customers (potential tenants). Besides the free registration on AP365 website, property owners can now easily target a number audience in China. As for potential occupants, browsing for rent condos or apartments became easier. There is no need to visit the website once WeChat app is installed.

Lastly, both parties can communicate without any fuss through the app.

Check the official AP365 WeChat Mini Programs account now.