5 Ways to Tenant-Proof Your Bangkok Property

June 25, 2019 Thailand

Make your rental property less susceptible to the common wear and tear, and level up as an owner by tenant-proofing your Bangkok property!

Tenants come and go, some leave your rental property good as new and some don’t. And we know the woes of any owners who encounter the latter type of tenants. The good thing is, you can make maintenance easier in your Bangkok property by following these tips.

#1 Choose the flooring wisely

If you think you will save more by choosing cheap flooring for your property, think again! As an owner, you must always think for long-term, which is why you should invest in a durable and low maintenance flooring. You can pick from hardwoods, tile, and laminated floorings, which don’t need frequent maintenance.

#2 Opt for a glossy finish for the walls

Rental properties are usually painted with a flat finish because it’s way cheaper and looks good at the beginning. For us, a better option is to have a glossy finish which may cost more but stays last longer. Also, it allows you to easily wipe off stains that tenants leave during their stay.

#3 Place door stoppers behind every door

Undeniably, tenants can be sometimes reckless with swinging and hitting the doors on the wall. This constant hitting can eventually cause damage to the walls or the door itself. On the other hand, you can prevent this by installing door stoppers behind every door in your Bangkok property.

#4 Don’t allow any type of wall mounting

As an owner, you have to maintain the initial structure of the property, which is why you need to prohibit any type of mounting on the walls. With that, ensure to include a clause in your agreement that you won’t allow tenants to mount or drill a hole on the wall. This will keep the structure safe and saves you more time and money from patching walls.

#5 Proactively inspect your property

Checking your Bangkok property from time to time is a good habit that can save you money. Moreover, by investing in property maintenance, you can avoid further wear of the space and give you less stress to think about in the future.

By simply following these tips, you are one step away from being a stress-free owner. Not to mention, these improvements can bring you smoother turnovers in the future and allows you to have a more meaningful relationship with your tenants.

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