5 Tips To Make Your Thailand Property Listing Standout Online

June 18, 2019 Thailand

Thailand property: Stand out and make your rental property listing online worthy of every viewer's time by following these 5 tips.

Contemplating long and hard to make your Thailand property listing stand out from other listings online? We can give you a tip or two to make your property listing worthy of every viewer’s time, check them out below.

Tip #1: Make a creative and accurate description of your Thailand property

Make attention-grabbing descriptions that viewers can easily digest. As much as possible, the descriptions of your rental property should be concise but insightful. In fact, there are symbols like bullet points that can help you to create easy to read descriptions.

Tip #2: Make a story out of your photos

Appeal to your viewers with professional-quality photos of your property! Make sure that you bring out the best in each room and keep the lighting under control. Also, always take clear photos and give the viewers a lot of images to look at. With this, viewers will take more time in your rental property listing. Check out more tips on how to take professional-quality photos for your listing here.

Tip #3: Highlight the best and unique qualities of your Thailand property

Create a mark on viewers’ memory by simply directing them to the best and unique features of your property. Showcase qualities like a gorgeous view of the city or a spacious walk-in closet that will linger to viewers’ mind. Hence, this will set you above par with the millions of listings online.

Tip #4: Showcase lifestyle establishments around the area of the property

Most of the quality-tenants are interested in the area of the property because they want to stay for long. So, don’t forget to mention establishments nearby your property in your listing. Include transportation links and shops near the area to give a gist of life in your property and impress viewers.

Tip #5: Sign up with AP365

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