5 factors to consider when buying a Thailand property

January 12, 2017 Thailand

Purchasing a Thailand property can be exciting. More than just gaining ownership of a foreign property, you have a new house you can call your home. But before buying a property in Thailand for your overseas property investment, take a look at some of these factors you should take into consideration.

Factors to consider before buying a Thailand property | Thailand Property | Yazhou PropertyBeautiful Thailand skyline with high-rise Thailand properties

Know your reason for buying a Thailand property

 Are you purchasing this property in Thailand to serve as your second home or as an investment opportunity? Once you have decided on the reason why you’re acquiring a Thailand property, it becomes easier to look for a location and continue the legal process of buying a foreign property.

Consider the rules in purchasing an overseas property investment

Since you are buying a property from a foreign country, rules and guidelines may be different. Read about our complete guideline for foreigners buying a property in Thailand.

Is there financial opportunity in your investment?

 If your goal is to catch every financial opportunity there is for your investment, you should choose a location for your Thailand property which offers the most advanced infrastructure. Aside from popular areas such as Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, many Thai provinces are thriving financially and seeing more infrastructure developments as well. This gives foreign investors a wider range of locations to choose from.

Don’t overlook foreign exchanges

Factors to consider before buying a Thailand property | Thailand Property | Yazhou PropertyForeign money

When it comes to foreign property investments, most buyers overlook foreign exchanges. Despite the fact that your property may gain value in the local market, the changing value of foreign exchange can weigh you down. This means losing the value of foreign currency for your property.

Understand both economic and social aspects

 Expenses don’t stop once you’ve paid for your Bangkok property. Knowing the cost of living in the area of your property in Thailand will help you have an overview of the finances you will be facing as weeks go by. Research on health care services, transportation and most importantly, talk to expats regarding the type of living and expenditure you should expect. This way, you can have a better understanding of what you are getting into and make adjustments if necessary.


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