The 5 best cities to buy property in Thailand

January 19, 2017 Thailand

5 best cities to buy property in Thailand | Thailand Property | Yazhou PropertyTuk tuk-one of Thailand’s way of getting around the city  

Why do foreigners buy property in Thailand? It’s the land of smiles people just can’t get enough of.

For many years, the land of smiles has remained in demand among expats. They simply couldn’t resist the country’s white sand beaches, pristine waters and beautiful tropical climate. On top of that are the number of ancient temples and kingdoms that hold much of the country’s history and culture. All these combined have driven foreigners to buy property in Thailand not just as their home away from home but also to serve as an overseas property investment.

If you are a foreigner buying a property in Thailand, let our list of best cities to buy Thailand property guide you in finding the right place for your Thailand home.

Have your own piece of property in Thailand in the calm and slow paced city of Chiang Mai

Factors to consider before buying a Thailand property | Thailand Property | Yazhou PropertyA beautiful sunrise is seen at Chiang Mai’s Doi Inthanon National Park

Does living near the mountains with a cooler temperature sound good to you? About 700,000 kilometres from the city of Bangkok is Thailand’s second largest city, Chiang Mai. The city is a great escape for those who want a more peaceful and calmer lifestyle. But despite being less crowded and having a quieter atmosphere compared to Bangkok, this once walled city now enjoys a number of entertainment malls, dining options and health care centre for its growing population of 200,000 residents.

Here, you can be one with nature as you go on trekking or spend time feeding and swimming with the elephants from the Elephant Nature Park. The streets of Chiang Mai are home to a number of artsy cafes, galleries and stores that sell some unique finds, and street foods you shouldn’t miss.

Live in an energetic and adventurous city and buy your Thailand property in Bangkok

Expats have long been attracted to the city of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, which boasts a wide variety of entertainment options for locals and expats. Flanking the city’s exotic and multi-cultural charm are modern skyscrapers, luxury hotels, condominiums and transport system. Furthermore, a number of the country’s top doctors and hospitals can be found in Bangkok—one of the reasons why expats love this city.

A popular choice for most foreigners is Sukhumvit Road where you can find condos, shopping malls, and nightspots. You may check out other popular Bangkok locations for property investment before buying a condo in Thailand.

Enjoy a laidback lifestyle when you reside in Koh Samui

Factors to consider before buying a Thailand property | Thailand Property | Yazhou PropertyTurquoise ocean water and greenery from Koh Samui

Craving for a relaxing and tranquil life near the beach? Koh Samui is an island full of palm trees, fresh air and ocean blue waters with an affordable cost of living. You can relax under the sun, walk in the crystal beaches or have a dip in the ocean. Other activities such as sessions of Yoga and Pilates, or watch cabaret shows or visit Buddhist temples are also available. Quality health care is also accessible.

Phuket offers a combination of both hyped-up and relaxing kind of lifestyle

Factors to consider before buying a Thailand property | Thailand Property | Yazhou PropertyTravellers enjoying Phuket’s white sand beach

Most travellers and expats describe Phuket as paradise and it’s the truth. Phuket’s white-sand beaches and glorious mountainous views are heaven for nature lovers. Aside from the usual beach lifestyle, Phuket also offers a buzzing nightlife you never imagined you’d find outside Bangkok.

The city is also very much modernised with local establishments such as grocery stores, boutiques, restaurants and health care facilities.

An expat community from the sandy beaches of Hua Hin

The well-developed city of Hua Hin is home to an expat community. Many expats love the cosy small-city atmosphere Hua Hin offers despite its close proximity to Bangkok. The quiet and simple life near the beach is why they stay.

Just like other cities along the beach, Hua Hin has developed a great night market for entertainment, where a number of locals sell Thai handicrafts, CD’s, inexpensive bags and  more. The community has Bangkok Hua Hin Hospital to cater to health and medical needs.

Whether you decide to choose a property in the heart of Bangkok, or one that is overlooking the ocean in Phuket, you can never go wrong with these locations. Know more about purchasing overseas properties when you visit Yazhou Property blog and follow us on Facebook for updates on Thailand properties.

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