What to Look For When Buying a Singapore Condo Investment

May 16, 2017 Singapore

Looking for the perfect Singapore condo for sale can be really difficult. What with the bountiful selection of condos, various prime locations, and countless available facilities in the Singapore property market, how can you possibly know what to look for? We’ll give you a head start.

What to Look For When Buying a Singapore Condo Investment | Singapore Property | Yazhou PropertyMarina Bay illuminated by the light of a thousand fireworks on Singapore National Day

Look for amenities that match your needs

A lot of Singapore real estate property have recently been offering the ultimate vacation home feel. Developers bombard potential investors with daydreams of infinity pools, Jacuzzis, and sun-kissed interior room designs. Other developers aim for the classy-luxury home feel, with dazzling golden-themed interiors and quiet libraries. It’s basically like hooking investors with the dreamy concept and reeling them in with the fancy amenities.

Let us tell you though: Don’t be blinded by luxuries! Unless you really have the budget to buy a Singapore luxury condo, be smart in choosing the one that just matches your budget first and then your needs. You’ll pay a larger amount of maintenance fees if you choose a condo with an array of facilities anyway.

But if you do happen to have the budget, then by all means get that Singapore luxury condo that you want! Check out Sant Ritz an upcoming luxury condo by Santarli.

What to Look For When Buying a Singapore Condo Investment | Singapore Property | Yazhou PropertyThe in-house pool of the upcoming Sant-Ritz condo | Photo courtesy: Sant Ritz

Look for the style that suits your tastes

The interior design and structure of the Singapore condo that you choose is also crucial. Make sure that you love what you see because you’ll be owning the place and, of course, you wouldn’t want to own something you don’t like.

Most condos don’t allow redesigning their units. This is so each unit will stay true to the developer’s vision and concept of the property. So make sure that the condo you will invest in matches your style. Whether it’s rustic, modern, western, or European, there’s always a Singapore condo that’s sure to fit your tastes. Check out our heap of property listings!

Look for the right type of Singapore condo for you

Money Smart identifies three types of Singapore condos according to the developer’s selling techniques. The first is the “New launch type”. This is for people with great imagination and patience. Developers dazzle their audience with visuals of their envisioned property that’ll actually take two to three years to complete. Most of the time you won’t be able to see an actual unit, that’s why you need a lot of imagination and to trust the developers.

The second one is the basic reselling type. This is for people who want to be sure they get what they want. What’s good about this is that, unlike new launches, you get what you see. A downside is that you’re not the first one to own the property, so you won’t be able to know every single problem the property has until you start living in it.

The last one is a unit with TOP or the Temporary Occupation Permit. A TOP unit allows residents to move into the property while legal documents and requirements are being obtained. Units are usually new and not second hand, and you can view them when you want. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about any previous damages or worn-out structural problems unlike with resold units.

Look for perfect environment

Money Smart also notes that you should also take a long and hard look at the area where you’re going to buy Singapore condos. Is it cool or warm? Is it

too busy for your taste? Does the sun shine through the windows of your unit? Or do you perhaps want to be close to a tourist spot? Consider the environment because this is going to be your place for a while!

What to Look For When Buying a Singapore Condo Investment | Singapore Property | Yazhou PropertyThe stunning Garden by the Bay all lit up at night

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