High-end properties in Singapore are Asia’s 7th most expensive

January 25, 2017 Singapore

Formerly ranked as 4th, high-end properties in Singapore are now 7th among the most expensive luxury overseas properties in Asia.

Properties in Singapore is Asia’s 7th most expensive High-rise Singapore properties

According to ECA International’s latest survey, which compared 230 locations usually rented by expatriates for their overseas property investment, Singapore descends three spots.From being last year’s fourth most expensive, Singapore now holds the seventh spot. Meanwhile, Hong Kong remains to be the most expensive in the region.

ranking of high-end Asia properties

Experts say this is because of stabilised number of expatriates in Singapore, as well as the improved transport links. Another reason is that Singapore has more assignees from neighbouring countries such as China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Thailand. These countries also have reduced rental prices compared to properties in Singapore.

Among the expatriates’ favoured Asia properties are located near international schools, embassies, and other entertainment hubs. According to the survey, rents for an unfurnished three-bedroom Singapore apartment found in such areas are priced at an average of S$6,426 per month.

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