Indonesian: One of the ‘Big’ Buyers of Singapore Property

July 05, 2018 Singapore / Indonesia

The main three foreign buyers to invest on Singapore property in 2017 are Chinese, Malaysian, and Indonesian. Although previously the number seems to decrease when Rupiah weakened, it is expected to rise again.

Indonesian: One of the ‘Big’ Buyers of Singapore Property | News | Yazhou Property

Indonesian Preferred Locations

The locations that widens Indonesian’s eye for their Singapore property investment are Tanglin, Marina, Sentosa, District 9 – Orchard, Cairnhill River Valley, and District 10 – Ardmore, Bukit Timah, Holland Road. This mentioned locations are places with complete set of surrounding amenities and of course, a sky-rocketed price Singapore property.

Having a similar climate and weather as Indonesia, it is a plus point for them not to get used to a new climate and environmental change.

Indonesian: One of the ‘Big’ Buyers of Singapore Property | News | Yazhou Property

Singapore as a Safe Haven

Indonesian property buyers could think Singapore as a safe haven, completed with their premium quality facilities. Besides the habit of going to Singapore for medical check-up or solely to pursue further education, some groups of wealthy Indonesian deem Singapore as a perfect place to escape from their busy life.

Singapore property wins the heart of many Indonesians because of the country’s high security and low crime rates to make it a safe living place.  They don’t have to worry since Singapore is also known as a politically neutral country.

Singapore Property to Appeal Indonesian

More and more Indonesians are interested in investing property in Singapore. In area like Marina where the Central Business District is located, scattered lots of luxury residential that will appeal to Indonesian. Marina One Residences (to link) for example, is an attractive Singapore property that worth one’s investment. Located in the heart of Marina, The Green Heart will ease one’s mind whenever a relaxation is needed.

South Beach Residences is worth to set your investment on as well.  Its eco-friendly design is among the top list of Singapore property to indulge Indonesian property buyers in luxury with panoramic view.

However, there is a reminder for Indonesian property buyers to take note of. Doing their research on the property is a must, and they have to Be Smart for Overseas Property Investment.


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