Singapore Property: A Guide to District 10

December 08, 2016

A Singapore property location that offers a balance of nature and city life

District 10’s proximity to entertainment hubs and the CBD has made it one of the prime locations of residents and Singapore property investors. The real estate in District 10 is surrounded by vast lands of greenery which include Singapore’s highest hill, horse race tracks, and a forest reserve. Truly, there’s nothing quite like this kind of environment for a property investment.

District 10 offers a balance of nature and city-living | Singapore Property | Yazhou PropertyView Singapore skyline and the Bukit Timah Expressway

Bukit Timah

With an altitude of 164 metres, Bukit Timah is the highest hill in Singapore. In this area, expatriates and wealthy Singaporeans are mostly the owners of the luxury apartments and bungalow as it is quite expensive to own a Singapore property. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is also located here which adds value to the Singapore property market.

Shopping malls, educational institutions like Raffles Girls’ Primary and Hwa Chong Institution plus the convenience of the Bukit Timah Expressway that extends to Johor-Singapore Causeway has attracted more buyers and other Singapore property investors to choose District 10 as their investment location.


 Tanglin village located opposite the Singapore Botanic Gardens is the community for diverse entrepreneurs, businessmen, artists, and the likes. Known to be a village that caters to lifestyle, education, and arts for the residents in the area, Tanglin has continued to develop to cater to both the locals and visitors’ needs.

The largest kindergarten in Singapore, namely St. James Kindergarten, is located in Tanglin and stays true to its claim of “Nature and Nurture.”

This small community in Tanglin continues to help grow the Singapore property market in District 10 as a prime location with condos near MRT being accessible for property owners and visitors.

Holland Village

 Popularly known as “Holland V” and Singapore’s Bohemian enclave, this village just behind the Singapore Botanic Gardens has a lot of Singapore real estate around it. An example of which is the Gallop Green located near the Holland Village MRT station. Having a number of restaurants, art galleries, retail shops and other sources of entertainment, it has been one of the reasons why buyers have chosen to buy a Singapore property in Holland.

Aside from the mentioned Holland Village MRT station, the Farrer Road MRT and Botanic Gardens MRT stations are nearby, which gives visitors and residents easy access to places outside the village.

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