Good Class Bungalows: Irresistible Property Investment

February 01, 2017 Singapore

Good class bungalows are landed properties situated in prime residential districts which are mostly owned by the upper class. Due to land scarcity, good class bungalows in Singapore for sale are more expensive than other residential properties.

Good Class Bungalows: Irresistible Property Investment | Yazhou Property

Matlock Rise | Photo courtesy of SC Homes

Good class bungalows are Singapore properties that shouldn’t exceed 2-storeys high and should have at least a land area of 1,400 sq metres. This residential property in Singapore also has designated areas. Some of the most popular locations are Ridley Park off Tanglin Road, Cluny Road near Orchard Road, King Albert Park off Bukit Timah Road and Leedon Park near Holland Road.

Aside from the exclusivity and luxurious lifestyle a good class bungalow Singapore offers, keep reading to discover what makes it an irresistible property investment.

Singapore bungalows represent the highest level of property ownership

The prices of these good class bungalows are extremely expensive, placing it beyond the means of most Singaporeans. One reason why it is also desirable is because owning one feels like a privilege considering only few individuals are capable of buying these landed properties.

Good class bungalows are located on prime residential areas

As previously stated, these high-end properties have specific locations. Among these are Ridley Park, Cluny Road and Leedon Park to name a few. With these prime areas, property owners can enjoy luxury living with beautiful surroundings as well as the convenience of diverse employment opportunities nearby.

A landed property which makes an excellent investment

For years, the demand for good class bungalows has continued to rise with the increase in the number of property buyers interested in these high-end properties and the luxury lifestyle that comes with it. The strong, growing market of these luxury properties is helping it to slowly become a promising investment choice.

You may rent out the house for expats, businessmen or visitors who are among the many people looking for a nice place to stay in Singapore.

Enjoy good-size land areas

The minimum land size requirement of at least 1,400 sq metres and a grass area surrounding the bungalow helps maintain the feel of green living in the city-state. The good-size land areas are also great for big-size families to enjoy their property more.

Matlock rise is a double-story good class bungalow has high ceiling and finishes of the highest quality. the houses give the residents a sense of space, with the living, dining and entertainment rooms featuring full-height glass doors that open out to an expansive lawn and an infinity swimming pool.

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