Good Class Bungalows: The Absolute Best in Singapore Property

February 24, 2017 Singapore

The Singapore real estate market continues to thrive due to the growing number of foreign investors who purchase Singapore property for their overseas property investment.

One of the most desired overseas properties in the country is Good Class Bungalow. A property in Singapore that belongs in a league of its own, just how exclusive are GCBs?

A Good Class Bungalow is a prime Singapore property | Singapore Properties | Yazhou PropertyExquisite interplay of design | Photo Courtesy: Leedon Residence

Good Class Bungalows are examples of prime Singapore property. They are typically nestled in exclusive residential areas such as Caldecott Hill, Bukit Tunggal and Cluny Hill. In fact, there are only about 2,800 of this type of real estate located in 39 Good Class Bungalow areas.

A Good Class Bungalow is a prime Singapore property | Singapore Properties | Yazhou PropertyBeautiful interior of a Gallop Green property | Photo Courtesy: Gallop Green

Good Class Bungalows are Singapore property investments that require a minimum plot size of 1,400 sq metres and a maximum of two storeys. The “roofed area” of this type of Singapore property must not exceed 35% of the plot of the land. The latter is an effort to help in the preservation of Singapore’s green areas and boost the country’s architectural profession.

A Good Class Bungalow is a prime Singapore property | Singapore Properties | Yazhou PropertyA water-cooled Good Class Bungalow | Photo Courtesy: Strait Times

In an interview with Straits Times, British architect and professor Robert Powell stated that “it was probably for economic reasons that the Government decided to officially recognise the bigger bungalows and their surroundings so as to attract or retain high-wealth citizens to contribute to the economy.” He was referring to the late 1970 when Singapore was developing at a great pace.

Good Class Bungalows are priced between $15.7 million and $44.5 million. This is an affirmation that only the ultra-rich citizens can afford this Singapore property.

Among the wealthy owners of Good Class Bungalows in Singapore is Mr. Ong Tze Boon, the son of the late Singapore president Ong Teng Cheong. His Good Class Bungalow is located in 1 Dalvey Estate and was built in 1927.

Meanwhile, the King Albert Park House was built in 1994 for owner Mr. Robert Kwan, the founder of McDonald’s Singapore. The property was designed by Singapore architect Tay Kheng Soon and was made to have wide living spaces and a water garden.

Today, modern Good Class Bungalows are designed with the environment in mind. To reduce the effects of climate change, inventive and eco-friendly solutions such as surrounding the living area with a pond or using charcoal lads that will filter rain and clean air are incorporated.

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